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If you’re looking for a unique, creative way to dress up for Halloween, why not try out the Chel costume?

The legendary character of Chel from The Road to El Dorado has become an increasingly popular Halloween costume as more and more people discover this amazing movie.

Chel is the female main character from The Road to El Dorado, and she’s a bit of an outsider.

She stands out in the movie for her strength, courage, and intelligence, but she also has a heart of gold. She’s loyal and fiercely devoted to her best friend Tulio and their mission to find El Dorado.

You’ll Need:

  1. Chel Dress
  2. Long Straight Black Wig
  3. Square Acrylic Resin Bangle
  4. Yellow Earrings

DIY Chel Costume Guide

In the movie, she wears brightly colored clothes and accessories that exude a free-spirited yet confident style.

To dress like Chel, you will need a Chel dress to get her iconic look. Then, pair the look with some accessories, like a square acrylic resin bangle and yellow earrings.

Finally, don’t forget to wear a long straight black wig for better effect.

Chel Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Chel Cosplay Costume

As you can see, Chel’s costume is more modern, and she doesn’t wear anything under her maxi skirt.

But if wearing this skirt is uncomfortable, you can wear a full-body nude suit. This is the best way to still achieve the look without compromising your modesty.

With some of these simple items, you can easily dress like Chel from The Road to El Dorado this Halloween!

You can also invite your partner to dress up as Tulio and go to the party with you. You can get a couple costume and have a lot of fun cosplaying this way.

Chel Costume

About Chel

Chel is a character from the tale The Road to El Dorado. She is wise and intelligent and acts like the village’s leading lady.

She creeps around, attempting to obtain data on the two guests. She realizes that Tulio and Miguel are pretending to be gods.

She retains their mystery, expecting to exploit them and their money to pay for her getaway. Her local expertise is critical to maintaining the Spaniards’ facade for as much as feasible.

She also appears to have a natural affinity for youngsters. She is a natural con artist who complements Miguel and Tulio’s personas since she is intelligent and daring.

She fantasizes about departing her community and venturing out into the world. Ultimately, she starts to feel for the two scam guys and appreciates them for the individuals they are rather than what she can obtain from them.

What is the most famous quote from Chel?

1. “Oh! Oh, no, no, no. The High Priest! What is he gonna think when he sees one of the Gods like this with me?”

2. “Hello…”

3. “I’m not really asking you to trust me, am I?”

4. “Oh no no the high priest what is he going to think when he sees a god with me?”

5. “Go ahead, I’ll cover for you.”

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