Last-Minute Rio Linda Bird Costume Idea

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  1. Blue Sequined Top
  2. Blue Headpiece
  3. Blue Skirt
  4. Blue Wings
  5. Royal Blue Heels
  6. Blue Fishnet Gloves
  7. Eye Glasses
  8. Blue Garter

Easy DIY Rio Linda Bird Costume Guide

Linda, from The Rio Movie, is far more than a character; she is an embodiment of warmth, compassion, and a whole lot of relatability, like that down-to-earth friend everyone loves to have in their circle. She’s a passionate and caring soul, deeply connected to her beloved pet macaw, Blu.

To dress like Linda Bird, start with a beautiful blue sparkly sequin top. Follow up with a matching and shiny blue sequin skirt! Complete matching blue net gloves, either! Next, prepare a pair of comfy blue heels. And wear her signature eyeglasses! Finally, wear a blue macaw headpiece and wings!

About Linda From Rio

Linda’s got this excellent nerdy side that I can relate to. For example, her bookstore is a little slice of paradise I would love to have, too.

What sets Linda apart from your typical animated girl is her adventurous spirit. From Minnesota to the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, she’s unafraid to step out of her comfort zone for the ones she loves. After all the chaos in the first movie, she moved to Brazil and married Tulio. She is both Blu’s owner and his best friend, with a connection far surpassing owner and pet.

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