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Who doesn’t like smart, loyal, and loving characters? Rick Grimes is one of the greatest characters, and The Walking Dead fans respect him the most.

Rick is known for his level-headed and daring personality. He can do anything for the protection of his peers, which makes him an admirable person.

His action skills amuse the viewers to the extent of forcing them to the edge of their seats. Because of his stubborn nature, he often stresses the group members.

Though he sometimes makes decisions without thinking much, his motives are always positive.

You’ll Need:

  1. Rick Grimes Jacket
  2. White T-Shirt
  3. Straight Leg Jeans
  4. Rick Grimes’s Toy Gun
  5. Rick Grimes’s Hair Wig
  6. Gun Holster
  7. Belt
  8. Brown Boots

Rick Grimes Costume DIY Guide

The Walking Dead fans have an idea of how cool Rick Grimes looks in the show. The character’s outfit impacts a person’s character the most. So those who want to cosplay Rick Grimes need not worry.

This is because his costume is simple, and almost all the pieces are easily available. To transform into Rick Grimes, follow our DIY Rick Grimes Costume Guide.

To get 50% of this look, you need straight black jeans, a belt, a white shirt, and a jacket. To look like a warrior, you need a toy gun and a holster.

Do you think moving barefoot is a good idea? No, right? So, you definitely need brown boots to complete the look.

If you naturally have long brown curly hair, you don’t need anything, but if not, you’ll need a wig. Now get ready to cosplay The Walking Dead, as Rick Grimes doesn’t waste time.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Final Scene | Halloween Costume Ideas

Rick Grimes Cosplay Costume

If you want to look mature, decent, and simple, cosplaying Rick is the best choice. Rick dresses in a decent and cool way, making him comfortable enough to move from place to place easily.

If you are a person who doesn’t like attracting attention, then you should get a Rick Grimes Cosplay Costume. People love copying him because it looks casual and common.

Most cosplay costumes are expensive, but you can get this look without spending much. The best part is that you can wear this outfit in your day-to-day life anywhere and everywhere.

You can choose to be Rick Grimes on Halloween when zombies are everywhere.

Rick Grimes Costume

About Rick Grimes From The Walking Dead

Rick is a remarkable warrior, a great friend, and an affectionate father in the TV show The Walking Dead. He is the group’s leader, and other members like to follow him.

In the show, he is shown to be steadfast and stubborn, which often leads him into trouble. Once this guy decides something, it’s nearly impossible to change his mind.

He is headstrong and willing to do his best in all circumstances. Being a former policeman has helped him in many aspects.

He is a smart guy who can’t trust blindly, which is why he only depends on a few. For him, the safety of his peers is the first priority, making him a reliable man.

What is the most famous quote from Rick Grimes?

1. “How You Live, How You Die… It Isn’t Up To Me…”

2. “I’m Not The Good Guy Anymore.”

3. “I Try Not To Mix It Up With The Almighty Anymore.”

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