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Randy Marsh is one of the main characters from the long-running TV show South Park. This character is one of the recurring ones in the series.

Randy Marsh is the father of Stan, one of the main characters on the show. He is married to Sharon and has another child named Shelly.

Randy Marsh makes his first appearance in the show on the episode titled “Volcano.” Though he is supposedly very smart and skilled, Randy is often portrayed as being absent-minded.

This character is also described as being eccentric and silly. More often than not, he finds himself involved in whatever antics his son and his son’s friends have gotten themselves into.

In the article below, we will show you how to dress in a Randy Marsh costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Teal Button Down Shirt
  2. White T-shirt
  3. Black Pants
  4. Randy Marsh Face Mask
  5. White Pocket Protector
  6. Fake Mustache
  7. Black Work Shoes

DIY Randy Marsh Costume Guide

The first thing you’ll need for the Randy Marsh costume is a teal shirt. Be sure the shirt has a breast pocket.

In the breast pocket, you can place some pens. You could also elect to use a pocket protector there instead.

A simple pair of gray slacks complements the teal shirt well. On your feet, you can wear a pair of black Oxford shoes.

Randy Marsh has a rather dramatic and attention-grabbingly thick black mustache. You can replicate this mustache by getting a fake stick-on version.

You may also choose to keep your nose and mouth covered while at the party while also completing your Randy Marsh costume. In this case, you can get a face mask with his mouth and mustache on it.

Randy Marsh “Carry On My Wayward Son ” | Halloween Costume Ideas

Randy Marsh Costume Cosplay

Randy Marsh wears the same thing every single day. What he wears is pretty straightforward and casual. It may be possible to retrieve some of the pieces of apparel from your existing wardrobe, making it a good beginner’s cosplay.

One way to enhance this costume is to have someone else dress up as his son, Stan. You can also create a group costume by having multiple people dress up as various South Park characters.

Randy Marsh Costume featured

About Randy Marsh

South Park is among the longest-running TV shows to date. And Randy Marsh is one of the recurring characters in the Comedy Central series South Park.

In the series, Randy Marsh is the strange and goofy father of Stan. Other members of his family include Sharon, his wife, and his daughter, Shelly.

 Randy Marsh is introduced to the series as a geologist who is intelligent and good at what he does. Even so, he is often portrayed as an absent-minded person who has trouble staying on task. 

Commonly, Randy Marsh is distracted from his work and other responsibilities by whatever shenanigans his son and his friends are getting into. This point can be seen in many episodes of the show.

In the article above, we’ve outlined the steps you need to take to create your own Randy Marsh costume. Follow these steps to get the costume ready before your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Randy Marsh?

1. “I thought this was America!”

2. “There’s plenty of other interesting things you can do. Have you ever tried marijuana? Maybe it’s time.”

3. “I’m not chugging beer! I’m sampling a flight of gluten-free German lagers with a French wine pairing! It’s called a smorgaswein and it’s elegantly cultural!”

4. “This disease is just eating me up! I hate my illness!”

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