Last-Minute Periwinkle Fairy Costume Idea

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  1. Light Blue Leotard
  2. White Tutu Skirt
  3. Capri Leggings
  4. Fairy Wings
  5. Snowflake
  6. White Wig
  7. Sea Green Ballets

Easy DIY Periwinkle Fairy Costume Guide

Periwinkle is a Frost-talent fairy who dwells within the Winter Woods. She made her first appearance in Secret of the Wings movie and is Tinker Bell’s younger twin sister; they were born of the same laugh in the winter of 1889. Her role in the Peter Pan franchise is much lesser known than Tinkerbell. Periwinkle has a very adventurous personality, but she is not reckless. She is pretty bubbly, cheerful, and creative.

To dress like Periwinkle Fairy, you will need the light blue leotard that she wears. Over the leotard, you can wear a pair of capri leggings in a matching blue color. Then, you will need a white tutu skirt over the pants. Then, drape a fairy skirt over the tutu. On your feet, you’ll need a pair of ballet flats. Finally, wear fairy wings. Periwinkle has vibrant white hair; you’ll need a white wig.

About Periwinkle

In “Secret of the Wings,” Periwinkle discovers a mysterious sparkle on her wings and learns from Dewey, the keeper of fairy knowledge, that it happens when two fairies born of the same laugh are close. This is when she discovers that Tinker Bell is her sister!

Despite the joy of their reunion, Lord Milori orders Tinker Bell back to the warm regions. But in an attempt to stay together, Tinker Bell creates a machine to make “snow,” which will allow her sister to tour the warmer Pixie Hollow. However, things go awry when Periwinkle’s wings are at risk, and they face separation again.

The situation worsens further as Pixie Hollow freezes due to a malfunctioning snowmaker. The two sisters, with the help of their friends, save the Pixie Dust Tree, leading to the reconciliation of the warm and winter fairies. Their story concludes with the sisters being allowed to see each other again, ending the separation between the Winter Woods and the rest of Pixie Hollow.

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