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The Periwinkle Fairy costume is taken from the Peter Pan franchise. Periwinkle is the lesser-known twin of Tinkerbell. In Secret of the Wings, she is voiced by Lucy Hale.

Periwinkle Fairy has a very adventurous personality, though she is not reckless. She is quite bubbly and cheerful, making her easy for the others to be around.

Periwinkle Fairy is a creative person who is always open to exploring new ideas and ways to innovate. She is a well-rounded person who is generally positive and optimistic.

If Periwinkle is your favorite fairy, you can show your love by dressing as her in the Periwinkle Fairy costume. Keep reading to learn how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Light Blue Leotard
  2. White Tutu Skirt
  3. Capri Leggings
  4. Fairy Wings
  5. Snowflake
  6. White Wig
  7. Sea Green Ballets

Periwinkle Fairy Costume DIY Guide

The very first thing to take care of with the Periwinkle Fairy costume is going to be the light blue leotard that she wears. Over the leotard, you can wear a pair of capri leggings in a matching blue color. This will provide the basis for her fairy tale look.

Then, you will need a white tutu skirt to wear over the pants. Then, drape a fairy skirt over the tutu. You can embellish this portion of the outfit using a snowflake accessory or patch.

On your feet, you’ll need a pair of ballet flats. For best results, find a pair that is either light blue or sea green.

The fairy costume wouldn’t be complete without her wings, so be sure to grab a pair of fairy wings to wear on your back.

Periwinkle has vibrant white hair that contrasts with her blue-colored outfit. In order to finish off the Periwinkle Fairy costume, you’ll need to get a white wig to match.

You can either get a wig that is already styled into the up-do that she wears it in or style it yourself at home.

Periwinkle Fairy Makeup | Halloween Costume Ideas

Periwinkle Fairy Costume Cosplay

The Periwinkle Fairy costume is a cute and colorful one that embodies everything the ideas of fairies bring to mind: pastel, soft, and fluttery.

Her main color is periwinkle blue, so this costume is a good choice for those who love that particular color.

If you want to make this a more interesting costume, you can have a friend dress up as her twin sister, Tinkerbell, to accompany you to the costume party or convention.

Periwinkle Fairy Costume

About Periwinkle Fairy

Periwinkle is the twin sister of the more famous fairy, Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan. She is voiced by Lucy Hale.

Periwinkle Fairy is a cheerful and bubbly fairy who is always looking on the brighter side of life. She never shies away from adventure and exploring new things, from landscapes to innovations.

Periwinkle likes to collect items that have been lost in Never Land, much like her sister, Tinkerbell. The two are a lot alike in many ways.

Above, we’ve shown you how to make your own Periwinkle Fairy costume. By following the steps above, you’ll have your cosplay ready for your next Halloween party or convention in no time at all.

What is the most famous quote from periwinkle fairy ?

1. “Trust A Fairy, And She Will Never Betray You.”

2. “After All, Tinker Fairies Learn From Their Mistakes.”

3. “Well, With Any Luck, I’ll Do Better This Time.”

4. “Maybe I Can Just Switch My Talent!”

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