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We love dinosaurs, and Owen Grady is our Jurassic World hero. The Owen Grady costume makes an excellent choice for Jurassic World fans.

The blockbuster Jurassic World movie features Chris Pratt as dinosaur researcher Owen Grady.

The story revolves around him and the other protagonist. He trains and studies the behavior of Velociraptors at Jurassic World as a dinosaur researcher. The discovery that Velociraptors’ behavior has more complexity than thought was made by him.

When Owen began working with dinosaurs, he soon caught the attention of a pack of four Velociraptors, whom he soon led. According to him, he does not have any control over the dinosaurs. A mutually respectful relationship was built between him and them as a result of his efforts.

You’ll Need:

  1. Leather Vest
  2. Gray Shirt
  3. Cargo Pants
  4. Air Rifle Prop
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Black Watch
  7. Brown Boots

DIY Owen Grady Costume Guide

In the Jurassic World film series, Owen Grady wore many different costumes. There is, however, one outfit that the character wears most of the time in the movie.

It appears that the costume is more like practical hunting or hiking gear. Start of

Start off with Owen Grady’s brown leather vest and gray shirt paired with cargo pants and brown boots to nail his iconic look.

Equip yourself with a brown belt, black watch, and air rifle prop to complete your own Owen Grady costume.

The dinosaur park rangers may not exist in our world today, but at least we can emulate the style in which they behave. It may come in handy one day if you have to fight some genetically modified dinosaurs in your town.

Owen Grady Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Owen Grady Cosplay Costume

The clothing Owen wears in the film is just as tough as the stunts he performs. It is a work boot, dark chinos, and a leather vest that complete his look. You’re one step away from becoming the next alpha if you have an undying love for velociraptors.

Don’t cosplay Owen Grady alone. You can invite your partner to dress up like Claire Dearing and go to the party with you. You will undoubtedly stand out as an iconic couple costume look.

Owen Grady costume

About Owen Grady

A self-assured and willful individual, Owen is concerned with the well-being of all living things. A lot of the Jurassic World personnel are not as empathetic towards the wildlife as he is.

It is evident that he cares deeply for his flock of birds of prey, and treats them not only as trained animals but also as members of his household.

In addition, he seems very down to earth and seemed to be wondering why genetically engineered dinosaurs were needed to draw more attention than the existing dinosaurs in the park.

Owen does not show much courtesy to authorities, particularly when they behave in an inappropriate manner, no authority figures are respected by him.

What is the most famous quote from Owen Grady?

1. “Hey, don’t give me that shit.”

2. “It’s all about control with you. I don’t control the Raptors. It’s a relationship. It’s based on mutual respect. That’s why you and I never had a second date.”

3. “You might have made them in a test tube, but they don’t know that. These animals are thinking, “I gotta eat. I gotta hunt. I gotta…” You can relate to at least one of those things. Right?”

4. “Don’t worry. It’s gonna be just like taking a walk in the woods… 65 million years ago.”

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