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Those who love VapeNation Videos can now wear Vape Nation costumes at Halloween or the next cosplay party.

A satirical comedy called Vape Nation is the latest work in the H3H3 production line of satirical comedy efforts.

This show is hosted by Ethan Klein, and in it, he parodies the culture of vaping, as well as everything surrounding it.

As a result of the popularity of the video, and the number of votes, shares, and views it has received on social media, it has grown in popularity even more.

Everyone will recognize you once you are wearing a T-shirt and bandanna that advertise the fact that you will be attending a marijuana-related event.

You’ll Need:

  1. Go Green T-Shirt
  2. Green Bandana
  3. Pajama Pants
  4. Round Frame Glasses
  5. Wristbands
  6. White Socks
  7. Black Flip Flop

DIY Vape Nation Costume Guide

This Vape Nation costume guide will help you create the look of the now-popular stoner meme that is sweeping the internet.

A video on YouTube shows Ethan of H3H3 spending his day off looking for the fattest rip while VapeNation’s outfit is on display. The killer socks and sandals combo and Vape Nation pride make him look great.

For this costume, you’ll need a green bandana, a Go Green t-shirt, pajama pants, white socks, wristbands, flip-up circle glasses, and black slippers to complete your outfit.

VAPE NAYSH YALL | Halloween Costume Ideas

Vape Nation Cosplay Costume

The Vape Nation costume is a very comfortable and simple one that can also be worn as an everyday outfit.

As most of the items you’ll need are things you’d normally have in your home, finding the items you need shouldn’t be a problem.

In order to gain an understanding of what can be done with a group costume, we recommend watching some videos from H3h3’s Vape Nations. You might find some inspiration in the videos on how to best portray the character.

Vape Nation Costume

About Vape Nation

By March 21st, 2016 H3H3 Productions uploaded the first Vape Nation video featuring Ethan Klein vaping with a marijuana leaf-printed tee and bandana.

The video also plays an audio clip of Ethan Bradberry encouraging citizens “to go green” and “to vape nation.

In just a week, views on the video exceeded 2.75 million and comments exceeded 33,000, showing how popular it could be.

The video was originally shared by a Redditor called DemiPixel, who uploaded it to the /r/videos subreddit, and it was soon taken over by thousands of people.

Additionally, on March 21st, a Tumblr blog called The Doublechin of Ethan Klein, which is a blog about vaping, published an image that featured Klein dressed up in a vaping outfit with the caption “so lit.” It was also very popular.

What is the most famous quote from Vape Nation?

1. “”I do it for the health effects honestly.”

2. “I feel like its better for my health.”

3. “Is this stupid? … Is this pointless?”

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