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In order to cosplay the most famous creature, the No-Face Costume from Spirited Away is the right choice for you.

No-Face is one of the characters in the movie Spirited Away by the famous Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki.

He is all black and wears a white mask on his head, like a mysterious ghost. He has a deep affection for the main character, Ogiano Chihiro, because he was helped by her.

He looks scary on the surface, but he is actually very kind-hearted. He is like people in modern society, eager to make friends. 

No-Face is a very special character, symbolizing loneliness.

You’ll Need:

  1. No-Face Costume
  2. Black and White Face Paint
  3. Black Gloves
  4. Black Boots

DIY No-Face Costume Guide

It seems that No-Face is a lonely spirit who does not really know how to behave around other people. His misbehavior is like teaching a misbehaving puppy to behave.

He is considered to have a strong symbolism, and some even consider his change process to be a reflection of human nature contaminated by the dark side of society

To dress like No-Face, you will need a No-Face Costume paired with Black Gloves and Black Boots. 

Adding some Black and White Face Paint to complete the whole look.

No-Face Cosplay Costume

As one of the most memorable characters in Studio Ghibli’s award-winning anime film, Spirited Away, No-Face is one of the best-remembered characters. 

Whenever you see No-Face, you know who he is. As you can see, he is dressed entirely in black, and he is wearing a white mask that has a black face and black eyes.

Cosplay parties or Halloween are the perfect occasions for this No-Face Cosplay costume. You can get the look of an emotionally absorbing character with the help of this guide. 

With its uniqueness, this cosplay would be an excellent entry for the annual Halloween Costume Contest! It would be fun to have a friend dressed up as Chihiro to accompany your outfit.

No-Face Costume

About No-Face

Spirited Away was an animated Japanese movie that was released in 2001. The film tells the story of Chihiro, a young girl who has been abandoned at an amusement park by her parents.  

To save her parents, Chihiro needs to take a job at a witch’s bathhouse. In the course of her journey, Chihiro meets No-Face.

No-Face is a mysterious and lonely spirit who is trying to find his way back home. Despite the fact that he appears to lack a body, he seems to be somewhat transparent. 

A number of unique abilities are possessed by No-Face. He has the ability to mimic, alchemize, and absorb. His abilities include absorbing creatures, transforming dirt into gold, and eating almost anything. 

In an attempt to get Chihiro’s attention, he becomes obsessed with her. 

He emulates the workers at her workplace, he believes spending time there is the best way to do this. It turns out that everyone is greedy, selfish, and arrogant, which is a mistake. 

By the end of the movie, Zeniba is a kind witch who allows him to become her apprentice and finds him a new home.

No-Face Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from No-Face?

1. “Hey, boss! It’s me! I’m hungry! Why don’t you wake everyone up?”

2. “Sen! Sen, what did you do to me?”

3. ” want Sen… I want Sen…”

4. “Come closer, Sen. What would you like? Just name it.”

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