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It is Flo’s character that stands out from the stereotypical saleswoman using sexual appeal to reach out to the customer. 

It’s not the usual thin, young, attractive, tight-clothed saleswoman that we expect to see from her. 

Her perky energy and whimsical humor help her catch the attention of customers as a dressed, middle-aged woman.

A lot of the Progressive commercials’ monetary success can be attributed to Flo, who gave them their unconventional and entertaining reputations. The brand that she represents is associated with her endearing personality and sense of humor. 

Angels from insurance heaven have sent her to assist you. There is no doubt that this insurance queen will remain an iconic figure for years to come.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Polo Shirt
  2. White Apron
  3. Flo Wig with Headband
  4. White Pants
  6. Wrist Watch
  7. Blaster Toy
  8. Name Tag
  9. Converse Sneakers

DIY Flo Costume Guide

Flo became a famous fictional salesperson in the Progressive commercial with her vintage style and enthusiastic attitude.

Cashier Flo can be recognized by her old-school hairstyle, her name tag, and her wrinkle-free uniform.

To dress like Flo, you will need a White Polo Shirt, White Apron, and Flo Wig with Headband to nail her iconic look.

For the bottom, you will need White Pants and Converse Sneakers. Then, add an I LOVE INSURANCE Pinback, Wrist Watch, and Blaster Toy to match your own Flo costume.

Flo Cosplay Costume

The characters in cosplay don’t always have to be superheroes or video game characters! People are way more interested in television personalities than they realize!

The costume Flo is one of the most popular choices right now, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make it. 

With Flo’s love for competition as well as a few other insurance characters, why not take this look to the next level? 

To make this look even cooler, gather some friends and dress like the Geico Cavemen and Allstate’s Mayhem!

Flo Costume

About Flo

In over 100 Progressive Corporation commercials, you can see the fictional character Flo, who appears in several commercials.

To build a fan base on social networks, Stephanie Courtney has created a brand mascot that has become a cult marketing icon.

For Flo, preparing her hair and applying her makeup takes an hour, according to Courtney. As stated in a December 15, 2008 advertisement, Flo is “the new Josephine the Plumber.” The brand is growing.

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article published on May 20, 2014, describes Flo as having inspired new trends in women’s merchant ships, along with Joseline and Madge, Palmolive’s dishwasher detergent manicurists.

Flo Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Flo?

1. “Now that’s Progressive.”

2. “Flo progressive, Flo, Flo progressive insurance.”

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