Mike Ditka Costume


A perfect mix of casual and sporty styles, the Mike Ditka costume is both stylish and comfortable.

While Saturday Night Live did a good job of portraying Mike Ditka as a character, he is not a character in the strictest sense.  

Former American football player and coach Mike Ditka is well known. As a college football player and a professional football player, his inductions into the hall of fame were in 1988 and 1986, respectively.

During the 1961 NFL season, Ditka was also recognized for his rookie performance and was selected to five Pro Bowls. As a player, assistant coach, and head coach, he is one of only two people in history to have won an NFL title three times.

You’ll Need:

  1. Bears Chicago Vest
  2. Beige Two Piece Suit
  3. White Shirt
  4. Aviator Sunglasses
  5. Striped Tie
  6. Brown Dress Shoes
  7. Mustache Prop
  8. Puff Cigar

DIY Mike Ditka Costume Guide

Check out this guide for tips on how to pull off his signature style. Getting started with his iconic item is the first step.

You will need a Chicago Bears Vest paired with White Shirt. Get Brown Dress Shoes to match the color of the Beige Two Piece Suit.

Accessorize yourself with Aviator Sunglasses, a Striped Tie, a Mustache Prop, and a Puff Cigar to complete your own Mike Ditka costume.

Mike Ditka Cosplay Costume

In addition to his trademark sweater vest, Mike Ditka’s dress shirt and striped tie appear frequently on Saturday Night Live, making him instantly recognizable to sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

Cosplaying as him is a fun and highly recognizable option because he has a very well-known personality.

This Mike Ditka costume features a white long-sleeve shirt and a striped tie with khakis. Your closet may easily provide you with these items.

His appearance is completed by mirrored aviator sunglasses and a fake cigar, which complete his look and match his trademark mustache.

Group cosplay can feature players from any of his former teams or coaches, for instance, the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, or Chicago Bears.

Wonder Woman has long dark brown hair. If your hair doesn’t match hers, you can get a wig to do the job. 

Her most famous accessory is her golden rope whip. You will also want to bring with you a sword and shield prop to finish off the look. 

You could also go to the event with your friends dressed as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Barry Allen, Black Canary, Green Arrow, or another member of the Justice League for full effect.

Mike Ditka Costume

About Mike Ditka

During his playing career at the University of Pittsburgh, American Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Ditka was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1961. When he played for this team, he was chosen as the team’s first-year offensive player.

The Philadelphia Eagles then signed him, and he later played for the Dallas Cowboys. After retiring from the NFL as a player after the 1972 season, Mike Ditka went on to embark on a coaching career that was equally successful as his playing career.

While he was a special teams coach and an offensive assistant to legendary Cowboys head coach Tom Landry, he led his team to eight consecutive playoff appearances and won a Super Bowlin his Chicago Bears coaching career.

As a player, assistant coach, and head coach, Ditka is the only man ever to win three Super Bowls. As a broadcaster, motivational speaker, and restaurateur, his career spanned three, four, and even five decades.

Mike Ditka | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Mike Ditka?

1. “Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace.”

2. “Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.”

3. “Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal.”

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