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With this Captain Obvious costume, you will be able to look like a campaign superstar.

In a series of advertisements from “Hotels. com,”  Captain Obvious was first introduced to the world as a character. 

Brandon Moynihan plays Captain Obvious on the show that debuted in 2014. This is an apt name for him because he is eager to start immediately visible things.

It was a humorous and familiar way for Hotels. com to market its brand. A character of the same name was created by the online accommodations platform using the common statement. 

His quirky and stylish costume reflects his great style sense, which he has not only as a skilled character but also as a creative person.

You’ll Need:

  1. Captain Obvious Coat
  2. Mustache and Beard
  3. Black Pants
  4. Sailor Cap
  5. Black Tie
  6. White Dress Shirt
  7. Oxford Shoes

DIY Captain Obvious Costume Guide

Captain Obvious promotes Hotels. com with a funny, oblivious attitude.

To dress like Captain Obvious, you will need to wear a White Dress Shirt and a Captain Obvious Coat with gold trim that displays various medals.

Then, get a Sailor Cap, Black Pants, Black Tie, and Oxford Shoes to match the look. 

Finally, you will need Fake Mustache and Beard to add a final touch to your own Captain Obvious costume.

Captain Obvious Cosplay Costume

You would need the Captain Obvious red jacket to create this look, which is the most important outwear. 

In addition to this simple yet exquisitely stylish costume, there is also the Captain Obvious sailor cap and his mustache and beard. 

We do not intend to be obvious, but going alone in costume will not be as enjoyable as going together. You might also invite Colonel Sanders or Old Spice Guy to make an advertisement you’ll never forget.

Captain Obvious Costume

About Captain Obvious

In 2014, Hotels. com launched a campaign. Captain Obvious’ persona and campaign are characterized by quick, witty quips. You’d rather get free nights than not get them. 

Especially in the United States, his character was well-received. As a result, he still maintains an online presence today. Over 400,000 people follow him on Twitter alone. 

He is now more liberal about what he tweets, not only about Hotels. com content but also about self-evident things. 

Nevertheless, the company still appears in his account description. Non-branded tweets include “You will regret it when you look at your calendar,” “The graffiti on the wall is probably graffiti,” and “It takes a long time to prepare for a marathon.” 

Several consumer-made memes based on his character can also be found across a variety of platforms on the internet.

Captain Obvious At The Bar ‘Eye Contact’ | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Captain Obvious?

1. “Please, excuse me while I drink myself down to your intellectual level. “

2. “Just because you speak, doesn’t mean you should.”

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