Buttercup: A Powerpuff Girl with a Tough Attitude

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The Powerpuff Girls are the youngest superheroes ever in the cartoon world. Buttercup is one of the members of the Powerpuff Girls who is the only short-haired Tomboy. The other two members are Blossom and Bubbles. Buttercup doesn’t have any unique superpowers like her two sisters, apart from the ability to roll her tongue. But…

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Sleeveless Cocktail Dress
  2. Black Super Model Wig
  3. Buttercup Glasses
  4. Knee High Socks
  5. Black Waist Belt
  6. Mary Janes Shoes

DIY Buttercup Costume Guide

Rebellious by nature, she had a misogynistic face rarely seen in cartoon characters. She hates everything that is cute. She also often expressed socially-charged, bitter opinions. While audiences of young children were generally confused as to whether she was a man or a woman, she gained a huge teenage following in the millennium.

Try out the Buttercup costume to be like this personalized hero with our costume guide. Start off with Green Sleeveless Cocktail Dress and Black Super Model Wig to get her iconic look. For the bottom, you will need Knee High Socks with Mary Janes Shoes. Finally, accessorize yourself with Buttercup Glasses and Black Waist Beltt to complete the look.

Buttercup Cosplay Costume

What makes the Buttercup costume unique is that there is a lot of green in it. It is designed to be simple and fun, and that’s where it really manages to stand out. 

The spirit of Powerpuff Girls is to never give up and never be afraid. They are almost the most independent and powerful girls we could have imagined as children even now. So this is a great Buttercup costume, especially if you have two other people to dress as Bubbles and Blossom. That’s where a costume like this truly shines, and you will find it to be a whole lot of fun, not to mention quite innovative and engaging in its own right. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

buttercup costume

About Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls aren’t just pretty girls who fight monsters; instead, they’re probably the youngest and least educated superheroes ever. In between solving bank robberies, fire rescues, and dealing with alien monsters, they are three kindergarteners who don’t want to get up for school. 

They do not have wings but can fly at the speed of light to any place. They have a small body which have super strength. Their eyes can emit lasers and their hands can fire the energy ball. Meanwhile, they also have ultra-long hearing and even survive in space without any equipment.

Buttercup Makeup Tutorial | Powerpuff Girls | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Buttercup?

1. “It takes a lot more than a couple of cheap shots to make us cry.”

2. “Those people aren’t our loved ones. Our loved ones would never want to hurt us!”

3. “You can’t just buy superpowers.”

4. “I am a good fighter.”

5. “I see a knuckle sandwich in her future.”

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