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Fashion lovers will enjoy the unique design and color scheme of the Black Parade Costume.

My Chemical Romance is an American rock band that released a noteworthy musical album called “The Black Parade” a few years ago.

The album features a character who is dying and reminiscing about his life and how he would like to experience it again.

This song follows the dying patient’s journey and the mental struggles he encounters as he prepares for death.

The band’s biggest single to date, Welcome to the Black Parade, has been listed as one of the 500 most influential rock and roll songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Parade Jacket
  2. Black T-Shirt
  3. Black Jeans
  4. White Hair Wig
  5. Black Boots

DIY Black Parade Costume Guide

It was not long after the release of the album that the outfit that they wore became very popular.

One of the most popular outfits among the members of this group is the Black Parade Jacket. Its embellished stripes give it a cool look due to its thin stripes embellished with studs throughout.

If you want to recreate the Black Parade costume, you need to wear a Black Parade Jacket and Black T-Shirt paired with Black Jeans and Black Boots.

Then, add a White Hair Wig to complete your final look.

Black Parade Cosplay Costume

It was first seen in the music video as a Black Parade Costume designed by Colleen Atwood.

They wear uniforms that are similar to marching band uniforms, but their black costumes symbolize mourning for those who have died or who may be dying.

Besides wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a white wig, you can also wear a black leather glove, black boots, and a military parade jacket.

You can also bring your friends along and get them involved with the band, or you can rock out with them at The Black Parade.

Black Parade Costume

About Black Parade

After releasing The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance went on to bigger and better things than they ever could have imagined. It follows the story of a dying patient, known as “The Patient,” in the album, which follows his or her final days.

The songs depict a character’s death and the afterlife as he reflects on the experiences and reflections he has had in the past.

As Gerard Way, the band’s lead singer had a fascination for death; he depicted death as a celebration in his song “The Patient” as he thought it might be a favorite memory.

As with the Beatles, as they recorded Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it was a time of mourning, as they wore black to record their masterpiece.

Black Parade “Welcome to the Black Parade”| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Black Parade?

1. “We’ll carry on.”

2. “Your memory will carry on.”

3. “I’m just a man, I’m not a hero.”

4. “Just a boy, who had to sing this song.”

5. “I! don’t! care!”

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