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A Billy Hargrove costume is an excellent choice for any fan of the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery, appears in season two of the series. He is Max‘s older stepbrother.

Billy is an abusive and violent character who ends up falling into the role of the typical 80s bad boy.

His personality and actions are also quite unpredictable, making his nature even more volatile and scary.

Though he isn’t a happy or pleasant person, he turns people around at the end of it all when he saves the gang from a Mind Flayer.

You’ll Need:

  1. Demin Jacket
  2. Long Sleeve White Shirt
  3. Fit Flex Jean
  4. Mullet Wig
  5. Chain Necklace
  6. Fake Cigarettes
  7. Leather Bracelet
  8. Leather Belt
  9. Black Boots

DIY Billy Hargrove Costume Guide

The popularity of this character makes him a common choice for cosplay. 

The Billy Hargrove costume begins with the iconic denim jacket commonly worn in the 80s.

Underneath the jacket, he wears a white shirt. To match the denim jacket, he also wears a pair of blue jeans. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt.

The belt is not the only accessory in this outfit. He also wears a chain necklace with a circular pendant in a silver finish. On his wrist, he wears a black Bracelet.

Billy is usually seen with a cigarette in hand, so buy a prop cigarette to bring along with you.

To finish off the outfit, find a simple pair of black buckle boots. Then, top it all off with a mullet wig.

With all of this assembled, you’ll have the perfect Billy Hargrove costume ready to go.

Billy Hargrove Cosplay Costume

Lovers of 1980s style are sure to love donning a Billy Hargrove costume. He wears a casual 80s style that is easy to replicate and will make any 80s child nostalgic for their youth.

Since Billy Hargrove’s attire is so straightforward and casual, it is an easy cosplay to put together. You may even have some of the pieces already in your wardrobe if not all of them.

If you want to make the costume stand out, you can wear it as a part of a group cosplay. Gather some friends to dress as other members of the Stranger Things cast this Halloween.

Billy Hargrove Costume

About Billy Hargrove

One of the recurring faces in Stranger Things, Billy Hargrove, is a popular character. This is true both in terms of fans of the show and characters in the world itself. Billy is a violent person who tends to be quite abusive. He is overall unhappy and difficult to be around.

Like any good “bad guy,” he gets his redemption arc later in the story. This occurs when he saves everyone from dealing with the Mind Flayer, including his younger step-sister, Max.

Billy Hargrove Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Billy Hargrove?

1. “Don’t take it too hard man, pretty boy like you doesn’t have anything to worry about. Plenty of bitches in the sea.”

2. “I’m looking for my step sister. Small, redhead, bit of a bitch.”

3. “I thought she was at Lucas’ but Mrs. Sinclair said that your house is the designated hang out, so, you know, here I am.”

4. “You smell that Mags? That’s actually shit. Cow shit. [I don’t see any cows] Clearly you haven’t met the high school girls.”

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