Betty Boop (The Betty Boop Movie Mystery) Costume

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The Betty Boop Costume is one of the most instantly recognizable and has been for decades. Betty Boop was first created by a man named Max Fleischer in 1930. She made her first appearance in an animated short film, The Betty Boop Movie Mystery, and would later show up in various comic books.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Midi Dress
  2. Betty Boop Wig
  3. Betty Boop Bracelet and Earrings
  4. Red High Heels
  5. Red Garter

DIY Betty Boop Costume Guide

Betty Boop is an iconic character known for her sophisticated manner of dress and personality. Paired with a bit of a childlike personality, she is quite charming. Betty Boop is known to be able to impersonate just about anyone and made her home in the hearts of all who have seen her. To this day, it is argued that no female animated character has ever been so iconic. 

Dressing in a Betty Boop costume is a simple thing to do. Start with Red Midi Dress with a seductive slit up the side and a pair of matching Red High Heels. Finish off the iconic look by donning Betty Boop Bracelet Earrings and Red Garter.

Betty Boop Cosplay Costume

Betty Boop is always seen donning the same manner of dress. The most eye-catching part of her attire is a cherry red dress with a swirly skirt. The dress is a sleeveless style with a sweetheart neckline. You could find a dress that mimics this silhouette or instead buy any form-fitting red dress with a slit up the side to do the trick. She wears a garter around her thigh that has a red heart in the center. 

On her wrists are a pair of gold bangle bracelets. In her ears are small hoop earrings in the same color. Betty Boop has vibrant red lips to match her dress, so that you will need some red lipstick. Because her hairstyle is very specific, you should get a wig that is made with her in mind. Finally, she finishes off her look with a pair of red heels.

betty boop costume

About Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a classic cartoon character who came about in the 1930s. She was created by an animator who went by the name Max Fleischer. As soon as she made her debut in an animated short film, viewers immediately fell in love with her. Her popularity would later see her appearing in comic books as well as various types of merchandise. 

Betty Boop has a flirty personality that matches well with her sophisticated appearance and style of dress. There is something youthful about her as well that makes her a charming personality. The combination of her appearance and demeanor endeared Betty Boop to the hearts of many quite quickly.

Betty Boop Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Betty Boop?

1. “Don’t miss my sugar, you won’t win!”

2. “I’m Betty Boop! I’m from 1930, don’t I look good for my age?”

3. “Boop-Oop-a-Doop!”

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