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This Bennett cosplay comes from the video game Genshin Impact. Bennett is one of the many playable characters in the game and is a Pyro.

This character is an orphan who was found by an old adventurer when Bennett was an infant. He was raised by him in the Adventurer’s Guild and is the sole member of Benny’s Adventure Team.

Since Bennett is so unlucky, the rest of his team abandoned him due to the misfortune that they constantly experienced at his side.

You’ll Need:

  1. Bennett Full Costume
  2. Bennett White Wig
  3. Vintage Steampunk Goggles
  4. White Sheer Adhesive Bandages
  5. Bennett Cosplay Boots
  6. Bennett Cosplay Sword
  7. White Crew Socks

DIY Bennett Cosplay Guide

To begin your Bennett cosplay, you can get a full-body costume that replicates his unique look. This will save you time by carefully constructing the cosplay piece by piece.

Start by getting a white wig that is made to look like Bennett’s short hair. Choose one that is pre-styled to get the most accurate look.

From there, you can get a pair of Bennett’s black and gold boots to go with his outfit. Wear a simple pair of white crew socks on your feet as well.

Add the perfect touch to your Bennett cosplay by purchasing a pair of steampunk goggles to wear on your head. These can be carefully positioned over the wig to wear it the way Bennett does.

Bennett wouldn’t be the same without his one-of-a kind sword. Be sure to get a replica sword prop to carry around with you to really look the part.

Finally, you can add subtle details to make the costume really stand out. This includes getting a bandage to wear across your nose, as this character often does.

Bennett Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Bennett Costume Cosplay

The Bennett cosplay is a fun option for anyone who loves Bennett in Genshin Impact. Due to the fact that he wears a sleeveless vest and shorts, it is a particularly good costume to wear during the summer or warmer days of spring.

This costume reflects one of many Genshin Impact characters. Because of this, it makes a great contribution to a group costume. You can make this costume stand out by having friends cosplay as some of the other Genshin Impact characters alongside you.

Bennett Cosplay

About Bennett

Bennett’s story begins when he is an infant after being orphaned. Bennett is discovered by an old adventurer, who takes him in and raises him.

Bennett has the unique experience of being raised in Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild. He is also the founding and only member of Benny’s Adventure Team. This is because some members of the team departed the group after seeing the kind of bad luck that Benny brings with him wherever he goes.

Above, we have shown you the steps you need to take to create your own Bennett cosplay. By following these steps, you’ll have a quality Bennett cosplay ready to go for your next convention, Halloween party, or other cosplay events.

What is the most famous quote from Bennett?

1. “Let’s go find some treasure!”

2. “No one’s joined me on an adventure in ages. C’mon, let’s go!”

3. “Morning! Where’s the adventure today?”

4. “It always rains when I go on an adventure.”

5. “Oh no… my stomach hurts…”

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