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Thoma is one of the many playable characters in the action RPG, Genshin Impact. He is a part of the Pyro class.

Thoma comes from Mondstadt and works for the Kamisato Clan as their housekeeper. He also works as one of the “fixers” in Inazuma, who are good at cleaning up more dangerous messes.

Because of his important role in society and his overall social nature, Thoma has a rather large network of friends and acquaintances that gives him a lot of leverage. He uses this pull to defend the interests and rights of the Yashiro Commission.

Thoma is a spunky and fun character, making him a favorite among fans.

You’ll Need:

  1. Thoma Costume
  2. Thoma Wig with Horn
  3. Thoma Weapon
  4. Thoma Cosplay Shoes

DIY Thoma Cosplay Guide

In order to truly capture the interesting character design of Thoma in your cosplay, it is recommended that you choose a ready-made Thoma cosplay. You can purchase a Thoma costume online that has already been created to save you time and effort on perfecting the details.

After you have taken care of his main ensemble, you can move on to the shoes. Thoma wears eye-catching boots that rise up to his knees and have an open toe, making them stand out. Gold and red accents bring the boots together.

Thoma fights with a long, thin weapon that looks like a spear. Be sure to get a replica of it in order to make your costume as accurate as possible.

The final touch on the cosplay will be his hair. He has short blonde hair with choppy layers and a cowlick on top. You can get a wig online that is made to look like his hair.

Thoma Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Thoma Cosplay Costume

Since Thoma is a pyro, his attire reflects that. It is primarily made up of black and red colors that give him a fiery look. Due to the autumnal color scheme of his attire, it’s a great choice for cosplays in the fall.

If you want to take your Thoma cosplay to the next level, you can incorporate it as part of a group costume. With so many different characters to choose from, you can have countless friends dress up as other characters in the game to create a group ensemble.

Thoma Cosplay

About Thoma From Genshin Impact

The character of Thoma comes from Genshin Impact, where he is a playable Pyro character. Thoma is a sociable and magnetic person, which has made him quite influential in society.

Not only does he work as a “fixer” in Inazuma, but he also serves as the Kamisato Clan’shousekeeper. He is deeply trusted by them, and in return, he fights for their interests and rights.

Due to his magnetic personality, he has amassed a huge network of friends and acquaintances that help him get his work done efficiently.

If Thoma is one of your favorite characters in Genshin Impact, you’re in luck. The article above has laid out how to put together your own Thoma cosplay for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Thoma?

1. “Your kindness warms my heart more than the brightest flame ever could.“
2. “Really? This’ll make me stronger? You’d better not be kidding, I have stacks of laundry to do“
3. “My strength is your shield, and I will always be here to protect you.“
4. “Everyone has their own perspective, there’s nothing strange about that.“
5. “Those that receive Visions should look after them. I certainly don’t plan on losing mine. “
6. “Don’t run on the ice… ’cause if you fall down, I won’t help you up, you gotta learn somehow.”

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