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The Rip Wheeler costume comes from the TV series Yellowstone. In Yellowstone, Rip Wheeler is a ranch hand at the ranch of the same name.

Rip Wheeler has had a difficult and traumatic life leading up to the moment viewers meet him. His struggles led him to the ranch to help out and get away.

The daughter of the ranch owner, Beth Dutton, becomes his love interest throughout the series. She is the only daughter in the Dutton family, and instead of working at the farm, she has a job in the banking industry.

Yellowstone is a popular series for the way it accurately portrays ranch life. If you love Rip Wheeler as a character, you can learn to cosplay him below.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Jacket
  2. Black Shirt
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Fake Beard
  5. Belt
  6. Black Gloves
  7. Cowboy Hat
  8. Brown Boots

Rip Yellowstone Costume DIY Guide

The Rip Yellowstone costume is fairly simple to put together. Because of their casual pieces, there is a chance you already have some of these items in your wardrobe.

The first thing you will need to acquire is a black jacket to match the one Rip Wheeler wears. And get a black button-down long-sleeve shirt to wear beneath it.

Rip Wheeler wears a pair of blue denim jeans,so you’ll need a pair. Your cowboy look should be complete with a pair of brown leather cowboy boots to go with them.

Protect your hands by wearing a pair of black leather gloves. Around your waist, tie a brown leather belt with a large buckle.
You can accessorize the look by wearing a black cowboy hat on your head to tie together the entire look. Finally, Rip Wheeler has a beard. You can get a fake beard to put on to look like Rip Wheeler.

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Rip Yellowstone Costume Cosplay

The Rip Yellowstone costume is a good choice for those who love country-western style. Due to his cowboy style of dress, you’ll feel like you’re in an old Western yourself. The casual nature makes it a great daytime cosplay as well.

You can turn Rip Wheeler into a part of a couple’s cosplay by having your partner dress as Beth Dutton.

Rip Yellowstone Costume

About Rip Wheeler From Yellowstone

Rip Wheeler is a character in the television series Yellowstone. This series takes place at the Yellowstone Dutton ranch and follows the lives of ranchers.

Rip Wheeler is one of the helpers on the ranch. He comes to Yellowstone after dealing with a particularly traumatic past, and they adopt him as one of the farmhands.

While he is there, Rip Wheeler takes a romantic interest in Beth Dutton, the daughter of the ranch owner.

In the article above, we have shown you the steps you’ll need to take to make your own Rip Wheeler costume. Follow these steps to get your cosplay ready for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Rip Yellowstone?

1. “You Know What Work Is, Don’t You?”

2. “I Look At Every Day With You As A Gift.”

3. “Be A Man About It. Don’t Scream.”

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