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A Rabbit Raider costume is sure to be a mega-hit among gamers who spend their days playing Fortnite.

First of all, Rabbit Raider is a very popular character from Fortnite Battle Royale who wears a memorable Easter Bunny-inspired outfit.

This particular skin was introduced during the game’s Season 3 update and has remained a fan favorite for a long time now. Fans just can’t get enough of this rabbit!

Rabbit Raider is known for being a mischievous and playful character in the game. As such, players donning this skin often enjoy creating chaos and causing confusion for their opponents.

What’s more, the Rabbit Raider outfit is perfect for cosplayers who love to show off their creativity with their cosplay costumes. So let’s hop to it!

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Rabbit Suit
  2. White Hockey Mask
  3. Rabbit Nose
  4. Light Blue Belt
  5. Plastic Easter Eggs
  6. Pastel Paint
  7. White Thigh Pads
  8. Easter Egg Backpack

DIY Rabbit Raider Costume Guide

The bright, colorful and playful ensemble makes it a fun choice for any Gamer looking to dress up as their favorite Fortnite character. Follow our DIY Rabbit Raider costume guide below to easily make your own costume.

The most noticeable part of the Rabbit Raider outfit is, without a doubt, the white and pink rabbit suit. This onesie features large, floppy ears and a pink belly.

Next, find yourself a light blue or white hockey mask with pink accents and a suitably sized rabbit nose. Follow up with a light blue belt for the suit.

Procure a colorful set of plastic Easter eggs to adorn your costume. You cannot forget the light blue or white thigh pads either!

Finally, you will need a pair of pink or white sneakers and socks. As a prop, grab an Easter egg backpack to complete the look.

Additionally, find some pastel paint to add the missing color to your getup. The same costume can be purchased in its kids’ version as well.

Making The Rabbit Raider Cosplay – Fortnite | Halloween Costume Ideas

Rabbit Raider Cosplay Costume

The Rabbit Raider skin is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in Fortnite Battle Royale. The skin’s playful design and bright colors make it a favorite among players of all ages.

If you love to show off your colors with your cosplay costumes, the Rabbit Raider outfit is an excellent option for you. It is a fun and unique choice that is sure to make you stand out at any cosplay event or Halloween party.

Why not attempt a Fortnite Battle Royale group cosplay for even more fun? Get your friends to dress up as other popular skins like Raven or Skull Trooper to create an unforgettable group experience. You would surely stand out as a chaotic team!

Rabbit Raider Costume

About Rabbit Raider from Fortnite

The infamous Rabbit Raider is an extremely popular Easter Bunny-themed skin featured in the Fortnite Battle Royale game. Ever since its introduction in the game’s Season 3 update, it has remained a staple for numerous players.

If you love this skin, you probably enjoy creating all manner of fun chaos and hectic messes in the game. The more fun it is for you, the worse it is for your opponents!

As such, this Rabbit Raider skin is a must-have for any Fortnite player who prioritizes having fun in a colorful way and making the game overall more enjoyable for everyone!

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