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People who have played Overwatch are familiar with the fame of Lucio. Being a support hero, he rules a huge fandom.

He is an impressive character with heart-winning abilities. The coolest part is that he just needs to make blasts of sound, and his foes will have a hard time staying against him.

Not just that, Lucio’s songs are beneficial for the whole team as they help them heal and improve their strengths.

Overall, he is a great guy who believes in lifting others and making his peers happy. Thus, his positive aura is what makes his screen time entertaining.

You’ll Need:

  1. T-Shirt
  2. Shield Glasses
  3. Dreadlock Wig
  4. Headset
  5. Black Pants
  6. Aerosol Paint Green
  7. Weight Lifting Gloves
  8. Cramer Pants
  9. Darts
  10. Blood Pressure Set
  11. Hair Headrope
  12. Yellow Bag
  13. Overwatch Skates

DIY Overwatch Lucio Costume Guide

Lucio was born to steal hearts; the color contrast of green, blue, and yellow in the outfit makes him stand out in the crowd.

Get ready because you can’t miss the DIY Lucio Costume Guide. First, let’s start with a green T-shirt and black pants. After that, you’ll need Cramer pants and skates to complete half of your Lucio look.

After you are done with the clothes, you’ll need some accessories. Wear Shield glasses, a hair headrope, and weight-lifting gloves.

And complete the look with a headset, darts, and a yellow bag. So if you don’t have long hair, you’ll need a Dreadlock wig.

And finally, do the touch-up with the Aerosol green paint to transform completely into Lucio!

Overwatch Lucio Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Overwatch Lucio Cosplay Costume

The Overwatch Lucio’s Cosplay Costume is undoubtedly striking and fun to do cosplay. However, cosplaying like him is a daring task, as it requires a little effort and hard work.

So, if you enjoy a bright and tough look, you will carry the Lucio costume perfectly. Though it requires a number of pieces, our DIY guide has made it easier for you to assemble them.

So without giving it much thought, get ready to bring Lucio out of the screen! It would be best if you asked your friends to cosplay other characters from Overwatch.

Overwatch Lucio Costume

About Lucio From Overwatch

Lucio is a positive and liberal-minded individual who loves trying out cool things. He believes that people should live their lives freely without being judged. Thus, he tries his best to help people have equal rights.

As one can guess, the dashing boy loves music and the amusement he gets from moving on his skates.

Lucio is a cheerful personality who not only remains happy but also makes sure to keep everyone around him in high spirits.

His joyful personality is also one of the reasons why cosplayers love to cosplay him!

What is the most famous quote from Overwatch Lucio?

1. “Give Yourself To The Rhythm.”

2. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

3. “Everyone Dies.”

4. “Hit Me!”

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