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The Magnum P.I. costume is taken from the same-name crime drama from the 1980s. It is modeled after the character, Thomas Magnum, who is otherwise known as Magnum P.I.

Magnum is a private investigator that lives in Hawaii, in the Oahu area. He is a security expert that works for a famous author who is known as Robin Masters.

Magnum P.I. also works for a former sergeant major in the British army named Jonathan Quayle Higgins III.

Because of his high-profile clients, Magnum P.I. makes a nice payday. He lives a luxurious life and has the ability to only take on cases that really interest him.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Hawaiian Shirt
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Fake Mustache
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. Binoculars
  6. Brown Leather Watch
  7. Canvas Web Belt
  8. Boat Shoes

DIY Magnum P.I. Costume Guide

If you love old detective and investigation shows, the Magnum P.I. costume is the right one for you. Keep reading to discover how easy it is to make your own Magnum P.I. costume.

Before anything else, you will need to get a red floral Hawaiian shirt to match the one he often wears. Pair this casual shirt with an equally casual pair of blue jeans.

Secure the jeans to your waist with the help of a canvas web belt. On your feet, you can wear a pair of boat shoes.

Magnum P.I. has short, curly brown hair. Find a wig that gives you that look if your hair does not naturally have that style. You will also need a fake mustache to mimic his look.

This character accessorizes with casual items. He has a round watch with a black leather strap that he wears everywhere. He also likes to wear a pair of aviator sunglasses to keep the Hawaiian sun out of his eyes.

Complete the outfit by getting a pair of binoculars to either carry in your hand or wear around your neck so that you’re always ready to investigate.

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Magnum P.I. Cosplay Costume

The Magnum P.I. costume is a laid-back and casual one, reflecting his luxurious and relaxed life in Oahu, Hawaii.

It is a comfortable choice if you know you are going to be going to an all-night Halloween party.

Since it is comprised of a Hawaiian shirt, it is also one you can get away with wearing during the day as a casual and subtle daytime costume.

Magnum P.I. Costume

About Magnum P.I.

Otherwise known as Thomas Magnum, Magnum P.I. is a private investigator. He operates out of Oahu, Hawaii.

Magnum P.I. has a number of high-profile clients that he works for. Because of this, he makes a good bit of money.

This money allows him to enjoy life on the tropical island and live rather luxuriously. His skill and popularity as a private investigator afford him the privilege of getting to pick and choosing only the cases that interest him the most.

What is the most famous quote from Magnum P.I?

1. “It’s kind of funny how the years can sometimes creep by on you, two or three at a time, and nothing much changes. You’re in a routine, and all that you really get is a little older, until whammo!”

2. “You get a big three hundred and sixty-five that sometimes sets you right on your ear, changes everything.”

3. “I guess 1979 was that kind of year for me.”

4. “I resigned from the Navy, and I became a private investigator.”

5. “Of course, that’s a big over-simplification. Actually, there was a little more to it than that.”

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