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This charming Gaston costume will be a fun and memorable way to dress up for the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast!

Gaston is a tavern owner and a brutish hunter in the film. He is exaggeratedly self-important.

Gaston’s athletic prowess and bravado make him beloved by his village. But he is so arrogant and selfish that he marries Belle against her will.

Throughout the movie, he becomes increasingly determined to win Belle’s hand in marriage, which eventually leads to a deadly duel with the Beast.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red V-Neck T-Shirt
  2. Yellow Fake Collar
  3. Black Medieval Pants
  4. Gaston Wig
  5. Arrow Quiver
  6. Cosplay Belt
  7. Yellow Gloves
  8. Brown Boots

DIY Gaston Costume Guide

Start off with a red v-neck t-shirt with a yellow collar to nail his iconic look.

For the bottom, you will need black medieval pants paired with a black cosplay belt and brown boots.

Make your outfit complete with some accessories! You might wear a Gaston wig and yellow gloves.

Once you have equipped yourself with an arrow quiver with full arrows, you are ready to become one of the villains in Disney.

Gaston Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Gaston Cosplay Costume

The Gaston cosplay costume is a great choice for anyone who wants to show off their villainous side.

With this striking outfit, you are sure to make a bold statement when you step into the room!

Whether you want to be the hero or villain of your story, the Gaston cosplay costume is sure to help you accomplish your goals.

Take your cosplay to the next level; invite your friends to cosplay as Belle and The Beast, and go to the party with you. Then, you can be easily recognized with an iconic group costume.

Gaston Costume

About Gaston

Gaston is a major antagonist in the 2017 live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. He is an arrogant, narcissistic, and chauvinistic hunter.

He wishes to marry Belle due to her beauty and wealth.

Despite seeing himself as a hero trying to win over the heart of his beloved, he is actually quite selfish and ruthless. He is willing to do whatever it takes, including blackmailing others and manipulating people with his charms, in order to get what he wants.

He also displays a lack of empathy, as shown when he orders the villagers to attack the Beast and keep him locked up in his castle.

Despite all of this, Gaston has a few endearing qualities that make him somewhat likable. He always stands up for what he believes in, is loyal to his friends, and loves Belle in his own twisted way.

What is the most famous quote from Gaston?

1. “How can you read this?”

2. “This is the day your dreams come true.”

3. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for this monster.”

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