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The Dexter’s Mom cosplay comes from the show Dexter’s Laboratory. She is the mother of the titular character, Dexter, who is a child genius and inventor. 

Dexter’s Mom is rather oblivious to the things her son is up to in his secret lab. Though she is naive and very sweet, when she gets upset, she can suddenly turn feisty.

Throughout the series, She often serves as the mediator between Dexter and his sister, Dee Dee, since they are constantly fighting. 

She often tries to keep her son out of trouble and reminds him to be careful with his experiments.
She is a clean freak, and is seen she wears yellow gloves always. Read on to learn how to create a Dexter’s Mom cosplay.

You’ll Need:

  1. Mint Green Button Down Shirt
  2. White Apron
  3. Army Green Jeggings
  4. Yellow Kitchen Gloves
  5. Orange Hair Wax
  6. Green Pump
  7. Gold Ball Stud Earring

DIY Dexter’s Mom Cosplay Guide

Start off the matriarch’s costume with a mint green button-down shirt. Pair it with a matching pair of green leggings or tight pants. 

Continue the green theme by wearing a pair of green heels with a low heels. 

Cover yourself with a white apron and slip on a pair of yellow cleaning gloves to achieve her look. 

Even though she’s constantly cleaning, she’s always made up. So you will wear bright red lipstick and a pair of gold ball stud earrings like hers.
Complete the Dexter’s Mom cosplay with an orange hair wax.

Dexter’s Mom Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dexter’s Mom Cosplay Costume

Dexter’s Mom is a clean freak who is usually always tidying up. This trait of hers is reflected in her clothing, which makes for an interesting cosplay choice.

The Dexter’s Mom cosplay is easy to create thanks to its simple pieces. You may have many of them already in your home. 

This Dexter’s Mom costume works great as a part of a group costume. You can have friends or family dress up as other members of the family, such as her husband, Dee Dee, or Dexter himself.

Dexter's Mom Cosplay

About Dexter’s Mom

Dexter’s Mom is a minor character on the show Dexter’s Laboratory. She is a kind woman who is always doting on her kids

She doesn’t ever seem to know what kind of shenanigans Dexter gets into and only ever sees Dexter and Dee Dee arguing. Dexter’s Mom tries her best to get the pair of siblings to get along with each other.

Even though she is nice, she has an explosive temper that can make her seem volatile when she doesn’t get her way. 
She is also a source of comedic relief, often making sarcastic comments or funny quips. Overall, Dexter’s Mom is a beloved character in the show and an integral part of Dexter’s Laboratory universe.

What is the most famous quote from Dexter’s Mom?

1. “Well, it wasn’t easy I can tell you that.”

2. “Now where’s that stain that I’m missing?”

3. “Dee Dee, could you please check if your brother’s ready for school?”

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