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For lovers of Black Widow, the Yelena Belova costume is a must. Yelena Belova is a character in the Marvel Universe. Like Natasha Romanoff, she has spent most of her life in the Red Room. This is the institution that trained both she and Natasha and is where they lived while learning to become impeccable…

You’ll Need:

  1. Yelena Belova Full Costume
  2. Yelena Belova Vest
  3. Belt for Holster
  4. White Boots
  5. Tactical Fingerless Gloves
  6. Leg Holster

DIY Yelena Belova Costume Guide

Yelena Belova is a sarcastic and cynical person who has a dry sense of humor that others struggle to understand. She also possesses a misguided moral compass that leads her to do things that Natasha herself would not when pursuing the same goal.

To dress like Yelena Belova, you will need Yelena Belova Full Costume and White Boots to nail her iconic look. Then, add a Belt for Holster, Tactical Fingerless Gloves, and Leg Holster with you. Put all these items, and you can recreate your own Yelena Belova costume.

Yelena Belova Cosplay Costume

Because Yelena Belova is such a complex character, many have fallen in love with her and wanted to cosplay her. Below, you can find out how to make your own Yelena Belova costume. 

To begin, you will need a tight-fitting white full-body suit. You can also buy a Yelena Belova full uniform that will come with the vest and the details on the arm that make the costume what it is. Either way, you will also need a pair of white boots that lace up in the front. Look for ones with gray accents, or add them yourself. To finish off the look, you will need a pair of fingerless gloves. They should be black to match Yelena Belova’s.

yelena belova costume

About Yelena Belova from Black Widow

Like Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova is a Black Widow trained in the Red Room. Yelena Belova is a bit different from Natasha; she is in a very grey area with her morals and has no qualms about doing things Natasha would never do. This includes holding civilians at gunpoint or stealing cars to get away. Yelena Belova is known for her dry sense of humor and her cynical outlook on life. 

Regardless, she has a powerful sense of right and wrong. This leads her to follow Natasha back to the Red Room to free the other Black Widows, where they are being held against their will. While there, viewers see a different side of her. Her complex nature made her an instant fan favorite on the show. Her popularity has made her an equally as popular character to cosplay.

Yelena Belova Hair & Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Yelena Belova?

1. “You’re going to give me some big hero speech, I can feel it.”

2. “This would be a cool way to die.”

3. “You can put so much stuff in there, they wouldn’t even know.”

4. “Great plan, I love the part where I almost bled to death.”

5. “The best part of my life was fake and none of you told me.”

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