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The Wreck-It Ralph cosplay comes from the movie of the same name. Wreck-It Ralph is the main character in the animated movie.

Wreck-It Ralph is a video game character in a world full of other video game characters. His particular game is an arcade-style game called Fix-It Felix, where he is a bad guy.

He gets his name due to his habit of destroying everything he touches. Wreck-It Ralph ended up being dissatisfied with the role of villain after so long.

Because of this, he decides to leave his game in an effort to prove himself as good as everyone else. This sends him on a unique adventure throughout the video game world.

As the main character, he is one of the most popular cosplay options. If you want to dress in a Wreck-It Ralph cosplay, read on to learn how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Brown Overalls
  2. Wreck-It Ralph T-Shirt
  3. Spiky Brown Wig
  4. Jumbo Bare Feet Slippers
  5. Muscle Chest Shirt
  6. Big Hands Prop

DIY Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay Guide

To start your Wreck-It Ralph cosplay, get a Wreck-It Ralph t-shirt. Over the shirt, you can wear a pair of brown overalls. Unhook one of the straps and let it dangle haphazardly to wear the overalls the way Wreck-It Ralph does.

Since Wreck-It Ralph’s job is to smash things, he has large, oversized fists. Get some big hands to prop up; that will make your hands look bigger.

To achieve a strong appearance, you can also get jumbo barefoot slippers and a muscle chest shirt.

Finally, a short brown spiky wig will be required to complete his look.

Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay Costume

Wreck-It Ralph is the main character of the movie, so viewers see nearly everything through his perspective. He is easy to love and twice as fun to cosplay.

The Wreck-It Ralph costume is a pretty easy one to create. It is made up of simple apparel with a few accessories that make it stand out as Wreck-It Ralph.

Make this costume even more interesting by having some friends dress up as other characters from the movie. This could be Fix-It Felix or his friend in the movie, Vannellope.

In the article above, we’ve shown you how to create your own Wreck-It Ralph costume. Follow the step-by-step guide to get it ready for your next costumed event.

Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay

About Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is a video game character in the movie of the same name. He portrays a villain in the video game, Fix-It Felix.

Wreck-It Ralph gets his name from his behavior: he destroys everything he comes into contact with. As the villain of the video game, Fix-It Felix, this is what he spends most of his life doing.

Life as a villain begins to wear on Wreck-It Ralph, so he decides to make a better name for himself. To do this, Wreck-It Ralph leaves his video game to visit others and try to prove himself as a good guy.

What is the most famous quote from Wreck-It Ralph?

1. “If that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”

2. “I’m a wrecker, not a baker.”

3. “Sometimes I think, man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.”

4. “It may not be as fancy as being president, but it’s my duty, and it’s a big duty.”

5. “I love my mama!”

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