Last-Minute Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume Idea

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  1. Pink Robe
  2. White Bra
  3. Angel Wings
  4. Heart Necklace
  5. Drop Gold Earrings
  6. White Underwear

Easy DIY Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume Guide

Victoria’s Secret is known for its gorgeous and glamorous lingerie. People from different parts of the world are always waiting for its annual fashion show, showcasing the designs and the angels on the runway.

To dress like Victoria’s Secret Angel, you will need a White Bra and underwear underneath the Pink Robe. Then, match your look with some Heart Necklace and Drop Gold Earrings. Finally, remember to wear Angel Wings to get ready for the Victoria’s Secret runway.

About Victoria’s Secret Angel

Not all supermodels that walk on Victoria’s Secret runway are Angels. Usually, only a few supermodels who wear Angel wings walk on the runway. Some supermodels start their modeling stints years before they can sign a contract for an Angel. Modeling for the brand can be a stepping stone to becoming an angel, but it does not guarantee that a supermodel will become one.

Once a supermodel is recognized as Victoria’s Secret Angel, they will sign a contract under which the brand will have obligations that a regular runway model does not have. Usually, these Angels are the faces of the brand’s major campaigns, models on significant runway shows, and represent the brand on talk shows.

Though the details of how a supermodel becomes an Angel are not disclosed, once they have signed this particular contract under the brand, they will be earning a large amount of money from Victoria’s Secret and other endorsements.

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