Last-Minute Ticci Toby Costume Idea

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  1. Ticci Toby Pullover
  2. Men’s Fit Jeans
  3. Light Brown Wig
  4. Spandex Gloves
  5. Ticci Toby Elastic Mask
  6. Steampunk Goggles
  7. Converse Unisex Chuck
  8. 2 Pieces Halloween Axe

Easy DIY Ticci Toby Cosplay Guide

Ticci Toby is a fictional character from Creepypasta. He is a lost soul, a cruel killer with a mask. Earning his nickname from his tics as he speaks, the full name of this villain is Tobias Erin Rogers. He is all about meditating on the negativity around him.

To dress like Ticci Toby, you will need a Ticci Toby hoodie in combination with the jeans and Converse. Then, add an instantly recognizable eerie face mask and the reflective obscuring goggles. You’ll also need black gloves and the bloody ax to finish the look.

About Ticci Toby From creepypasta

The history of Ticci Toby is one full of loss and abuse. Due to his tics, he is bullied at school to the point where he is homeschooled to give him relief. This bullying, combined with an abusive father, makes him develop many mental health disorders.

He lost his sister at age 17 in a car crash that nearly killed him, too. Toby is distraught and starts to slide into negativity. In combination with the mental health disorders and frustration over never catching a break, he becomes a very violent person.

In a fit of rage, he kills his father with his characteristic bloody ax. He then flees and meets the Slender Man, who takes him under his wing. The Slender Man trains his murdering skills more, giving him plenty of opportunities to practice and hone his ax skills.

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