Ticci Toby: Best Creepypasta Cosplay Idea

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There’s a lot of detail that goes into Ticci Toby cosplay. But if you get it right, it’s an incredible choice! This is the case specifically with the idea of dressing to impress. Earning his nickname from his tics as he speaks, this intriguing villain’s full name is Tobias Erin Rogers.

You’ll Need:

  1. Ticci Toby Pullover
  2. Men’s Fit Jeans
  3. Light Brown Wig
  4. Spandex Gloves
  5. Ticci Toby Elastic Mask
  6. Steampunk Goggles
  7. Converse Unisex Chuck
  8. 2 Pieces Halloween Axe

DIY Ticci Toby Cosplay Guide

Well acquainted with the Slender Man, Ticci Toby is a terrifying character. He can compare with many of the scariest villains that you know about. The key to this is going to the costume, though, so you’ll want to focus on the right details for that.

Ticci Toby hoodie in combination with the jeans and converse don’t actually look that abnormal. But he’s never without his bloody ax, making every single detail about Toby into a creepy one. Looking to recreate it so that you can pull together the right details? You’ll need to focus on the brown wig. The terrifying yet instantly recognizable eerie face mask, and the reflective obscuring goggles. You’ll also need the black gloves and the bloody ax.

Ticci Toby Cosplay Costume

To really put this Ticci Toby costume into perspective, you’ll want to take a careful look at his life story. Coming almost out of nowhere from Kastoway’s internet creepypasta, Toby is a terrifying young man who is a lost soul. He is all about ruminating in the negativity around him.

This is pretty obvious in the Ticci Toby costume. The face mask is terrifying and it’s got that eerie smile to it that instantly puts those around him at unease. Combine with the reflective obscuring goggles, this is not a figure that you want to run into at any point. Just perfect for the cosplayer that wants to go as dark as it gets.

Don’t forget to team up with the Slender Man to help those around you see the relationship between these two powerful violent people. That really sells the full package, after all!

Ticci Toby cosplay

About Ticci Toby From Creepypasta

Want to know more about what makes Toby into the cold killer that he is? After all, the Ticci Toby hoodie in combination with the jeans and converse don’t actually look that abnormal. He just looks like an average young guy.

His history is one full of loss and abuse. Due to his tics, he is bullied at school to the point where he is homeschooled to give him relief. This bullying combined with an abusive father makes him develop many mental health disorders. In combination with the mental health disorders and frustration over never catching a break, he becomes a very violent person.

In a fit of rage, he kills his father with his characteristic bloody ax. He then flees and meets the Slender Man, who takes him under his wing. The Slender Man trains his murdering skills more and gives him plenty of opportunities to practice and hone his ax skills.

Ticci Toby Cosplay Makeup Tutorial