Thor (Infinity War) Costume

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The Thor (Infinity War) costume comes from the movie Infinity War. Thor is a popular character who is played by Chris Hemsworth.

When viewers first meet Thor, he is viewed as an arrogant and boastful god by Asgard. He is cast down to Earth by his father, Odin, who thinks he has a lot to learn before he can take his place as king.

Through his time on Earth, Thor grows into a man of value in his father’s eyes. From then on, Thor spends his time trying to catch up to his trickster brother, Loki, often working with the Avengers to do so.

By the time of Infinity War, the Avengers, including Thor, team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in an attempt to thwart the plans of Thanos.

You’ll Need:

  1. Elastic Sport T-Shirt
  2. Red Cape
  3. Tactical Pants
  4. Black Fingerless Gloves
  5. Thor Stormbreaker Hammer
  6. Black Boots

DIY Thor (Infinity War) Costume Guide

Regarding creating Thor’s costume, you will first need a pair of black tactical cargo pants. Pair that with a black vest that you can decorate to look like Thor’s. You could also purchase a replica that is already made.
On your feet, you can step into a pair of black boots. Drape a red cape over your shoulders to finish off this cosplay’s foundation.
Then, you can start accessorizing. Thor wouldn’t be Thor without his winged silver helmet, so get a replica of that.
He also carries around his hammer, named Mjolnir, that only he is worthy enough to wield. Get a replica of the hammer to carry for yourself.

Finally, finish the ensemble by wearing a black eyepatch.

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Thor (Infinity War) Costume Cosplay

The Thor outfit he wore in Infinity War differs a bit from what fans have seen him wear in the movies so far. Where he once wore Asgardian armor, his look has matured into an all-black suit.

Anyone who loved the evolution of Thor’s look over time is sure to love this cosplay. Especially because it still has some trademark Thor looks, like his cape and helmet.

Because he is a member of a team, this costume will be made better by incorporating it into an Avengers group cosplay. It would also work well with someone dressed up as his brother, Loki.

Thor (Infinity War) Costume

About Thor (Infinity War) Costume

Thor is one of the most well-known and popular Marvel characters. He is a crucial member of the Avengers and works side by side with them often to thwart various threats.
When his brother, Loki, begins making trouble, Thor teams up with the Avengers to help stop him.

So Thor wasn’t always so selfless, although he first makes his appearance as a cocky and clueless Asgardian sent to Earth to learn to humble himself.
 In the end, you can try dressing up in the Thor (Infinity War) costume, using our costume guide above, to attend any cosplay event.

What is the most famous quote from Thor (Infinity War)?

1. “… Now they’re but humble tools for peace.”

2. “Brother, however I have wronged you… I am truly sorry…”

3. “Is he, though?”

4. “Eight years, seven months, and six days…”

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