Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings) Costume

ragnar lothbrok costume

A Ragnar Lothbrok costume is something every fan of the Vikings series will recognize. Ragnar Lothbrok is a character from the Canadian History Channel series Vikings.

He is a fierce warrior that is known for his power and courage. He was lauded for his intelligence as a boy.

His village was invaded by King Froh when he was age 15. Using his smarts, he managed to outwit the king and kill him, which made him a hero in the eyes of his people.

Lagertha: A Shield-Maiden

lagertha costume

If you want to dress up as a strong and powerful warrior woman for your next cosplay event, then this Lagertha costume is the perfect choice for you. Lagertha is a shield-maiden. She joins Norse warrior men in battle in Vikings, a hit historical drama television show on The History Channel. She has the attitude of a fierce Viking warrior. She is the former faithful wife to King Ragnar Lothbrok and mother to his two children, Bjorn and Gyda.