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Sam Winchester Costume

About Sam Winchester From Supernatural Fans love how Sam is brilliant and possesses impressive research and analytical skills. He is often the “brain” of the Winchester brothers, researching to identify and combat supernatural threats. On the other hand, it’s an absolute treat watching his hand-to-hand combat skills and marksmanship on screen. We also learn how … Read more

Last-Minute Dean Winchester Costume Idea 5 (1)

dean winchester costume

The Dean Winchester costume is one that Dean fans like to dress up in. Dean Winchester is the main character on the long-running show, Supernatural. Throughout its many seasons, the story follows Dean and his younger brother, Sam. The two go around the country hunting down monsters and other creatures that threaten humanity in some way. They grew up on the road doing the same thing with their father, John Winchester. After Sam and Dean’s mother was killed in a freak supernatural fire, John set off to figure out who was responsible for it. He dragged his kids along with him on the road.