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About Mathilda From Léon: the Professional Léon: Thе Profеssional” is a Frеnch action-thrillеr film. Matilda’s father was involved in a drug deal that resulted in the murder of the entire family. To keep herself safe, she finds sanctuary in the apartment of a skillеd hitman, Léon. Shе bеgs Léon to take care of hеr and … Read more

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Suzie - Stranger Things Costume

Suzie, introduced in the third season, is a character that appears very briefly on the Netflix series Stranger Things. When Dustin comes back from Camp Know Where he tells his friends that he met a girl there. Because Suzie lives far away in Utah, the two have a long-distance fling. They stay in contact over … Read more

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Nancy Wheeler Costume

The Nancy Wheeler costume comes from the Netflix original series Stranger Things. She is one of the prominent characters on the show. Nancy Wheeler is the older sister of Mike. She makes her first appearance in the first season of the series as a good friend of the character Barb Holland. Shortly after viewers meet … Read more