Last-Minute Shy Guy Costume Idea 0 (0)

Shy Guy Costume

About Shy Guy From The Super Mario franchise Shy Guys are enemies typically led by leaders like Bowser and General Guy. Contact with them is detrimental to players, but they can be defeated by swallowing, jumping, grabbing, and throwing. They wear different robes and shoes as a vivid indication of that specific Shy Guy’s behavior … Read more

Bowsette Cosplay 0 (0)

Bowsette Cosplay

Are you interested in being Nintendo Super Mario this Halloween? You do not need to look any further than the Bowsette costume. In the Super Mario fandom, Bowsette is a character created by fans. She is the female version of Bowser, who is the same power-up as Princess Peach, but has been transformed into a … Read more

Princess Daisy Costume 0 (0)

Princess Daisy Costume

Classic Nintendo fans are the perfect candidate for a Princess Daisy costume. Princess Daisy is one of the characters in the Mario World franchise. In different iterations of the game, she is seen doing different things, from living on the court to driving go-karts. Princess Daisy is said to be the love interest of Luigi … Read more

Waluigi: Luigi’s Arch Nemesis 0 (0)

waluigi costume

Waluigi is the arch-rival of Luigi, and those who love the villain love to dress in their own Waluigi costume. Like Wario, who is Mario’s evil rival, Waluigi is similar to Luigi. Waluigi first showed up in the game Mario Tennis. At the time, he was a simple nonplayable character with no real backstory or personality. That changed when he was adopted to the Super Mario Bros. franchise, where he was given a much more significant role.