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Dick Tracy Costume

About Dick Tracy In the film, set in 1938, Kid witnesses a mobster massacre at an illegal card game. Detective Dick Tracy rescues Kid and, with Tess Trueheart’s help, temporarily adopts him. Tracy faces challenges from Big Boy, who seeks control of the city’s businesses. An unknown ally aids Tracy’s efforts to dismantle Big Boy’s … Read more

Blues Brothers Costume 0 (0)

Blues Brothers Costume

To hear some blues and soul, you should dress like the Blues Brothers. Among the actors who played the Blues Brothers were Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.  Back in 1978, they were a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live. They performed with up-and-coming artists at the time. You’ll learn something about music from watching this … Read more

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Vincent Adultman Costume

With this Vincent Adultman costume guide, you will be able to get the look of a fake adult. BoJack Horseman is a Netflix animated series famous for featuring Vincent Adultman as one of its recurring characters. Vincent’s first scene appeared in a bar, where Horseman is jealous of Princess Carolyn’s flirtation with Vincent. Another episode … Read more