Rue Bennett (Euphoria) Outfits 0 (0)

Rue Bennett Outfits

Rue Bennett outfits have become quite popular ever since the show, Euphoria aired. Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, is the main character in the show, Euphoria. She is usually the one narrating the show, and it is her perspective that viewers often see the world. Rue has trouble with illicit substances. She spent the summer … Read more

Cassie Howard Costumes 0 (0)

Cassie Howard costumes

Cassie Howard’s Alabama Worley costume is a nice choice for fans of the show, Euphoria.

She is a character that is beloved for her relentless perseverance no matter how hard life gets.

Cassie is also known for wearing alluring clothing and having the trendiest style on the show.

This character most commonly wears blue, something that fans suggest indicates her sadness as a person.

Cassie Howard’s Alabama Worley costume has blue in it as well. It is a part of her Halloween costume that she wears with other cast members on the show. Below, we will show you how to achieve the same goal.

Kat Hernandez: A Confident and Badass High Schooler 0 (0)

kat euphoria outfits

Wanting to cosplay or dress like Kat Euphoria outfits is great for style inspiration. Read on to see how to dress like Kat from Euphoria! Kat Hernandez is a popular character in the Euphoria series. She has appeared in several episodes of the show’s first two seasons. She was once self-conscious and shy but later became more confident and outspoken.