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Wearing an Isabela Madrigal costume is one way to pay tribute to your favorite characters. Isabela Madrigal is a character in the movie Encanto. Isabela Madrigal is a popular character in the movie. She is well known for being beautiful and graceful. Isabela Madrigal is also a very loyal and caring person. She is not … Read more

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Dolores is a supporting character in the Disney animated film Encanto. She is one of the most memorable characters, and part of that is her style.

Dolores Madrigal is a soft-spoken and quiet girl. She is a part of the Madrigal family, known to perform unique magic and miracles.

Dolores is blessed with the gift of hearing everything, including secrets that are whispered behind closed doors.

She quickly comes to realize that such secrets can be really hard to keep, making this blessing feel more like a curse. This is especially true when the secrets are ones that put her family in danger.