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Mandalorian Halloween costume

The Mandalorian costume was taken from the TV show The Mandalorian. This series streams on Disney+. This character is a bounty hunter in the show. His real name is Din Djarin, played by Pedro Pascal. He spends his time independently, completing his work and keeping to himself. He grew up learning the warrior culture of … Read more

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 Olaf costume

The Olaf costume comes straight from the Disney movie, Frozen. Olaf is one of the supporting characters in the popular animated film. Olaf is a snowman that was created by the main character, Elsa. His design was based on a snowman Else built with her sister, Anna when the two girls were kids. Elsa’s magic … Read more

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Sulley Costume

So you want to pull off a Sulley costume in all its lovable monstrousness? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got just the Guide to help you! First, you need to know the guy for convincing cosplay. James P. “Sulley” Sullivan is one of the memorable protagonists of the Monsters, Inc. franchise. … Read more

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Princess Jasmine's red costume

Jasmine red costume is from a scene in the Disney animated movie Aladdin. In this portion of the movie, Princess Jasmine finds herself under the control of the nefarious villain Jafar. The story of Aladdin revolves around Princess Jasmine and Aladdin himself. Though Jasmine is required by law to marry a prince before her next … Read more

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Wendy Darling costume

The Wendy Darling costume is a favorite for many fans of classic Disney movies. Wendy Darling is a beloved character from the Disney animated movie Peter Pan. Much like most other children, Wendy Darling does not ever want to grow up. She and her younger siblings love the stories surrounding Peter Pan. While the adults … Read more