Yelena Belova: New Black Widow 0 (0)

yelena belova costume

For lovers of Black Widow, the Yelena Belova costume is a must. Yelena Belova is a character in the Marvel Universe. Like Natasha Romanoff, she has spent most of her life in the Red Room. This is the institution that trained both she and Natasha and is where they lived while learning to become impeccable spies. Yelena Belova has her sense of right and wrong, and it is quite strong. This makes her eager to help Natasha get rid of the Red Room once and for all. She helps Natasha destroy the location and free the other Black Widows from the institution, where they are also being held against their will.

Black Widow Costume 0 (0)

Black Widow Costume

Get ready to hit the scene with a stunning Black Widow costume! Black Widow costume is visually imposing and seductive too, which is exactly what makes it such a great thing in the first place.

Black Widow is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and she is also a part of the Avengers. Named Natasha Romanova, she is a Russian spy whose focus is to bring down Iron Man.

But eventually, she comes to the US and she actually starts working together with Stark, and then she forms a team with them.