Sylvie Lokisdottir: The Trickster’s Variant

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The Sylvie Loki costume is one of the most popular ones from the Loki series. Sylvie is a variant of Loki Laufeyson, but she doesn’t like to think of herself that way. Instead, she renamed herself Sylvie Lokisdottir. The Time Variance Authority has been doing their best to track down these rogue variants but have…

You’ll Need:

  1. Sylvie Loki Full Costume
  2. Loki Sylvie Wig
  3. Sylvie Horns
  4. Black Boots
  5. Fingerless Tactical Gloves

DIY Sylvie Loki Costume Guide

She was born in Asgard in a different realm and quickly learned from her parents at an early age that she was adopted, unlike Loki. One day while she was playing, Hunter Ravonna Renslayer came with Minutemen and arrested her as a child. Shortly after, they destroyed her family by dissolving their realm. 

Follow our guide to dress like Sylvie easily. Start off with a Sylvie Loki Full Costume to nail her look. Then, you will need Sylvie Wig with Sylvie Horns. Finish off with Black Boots and Fingerless Tactical Gloves. Now, you can recreate your own Sylvie Loki costume.

Sylvie Loki Cosplay Costume

A strong character, many cosplayers are interested in dressing in a Sylvie Loki costume. Read on to learn what pieces you will need to accomplish the task. 

To begin, you will need to wear a long black turtleneck shirt. To wear on top of the shirt, you can buy a vest template to mimic her vest armor. A lightweight EVA foam sheet can be fashioned to look like the rest of her armor. Put a dramatic flair on the outfit by adding a green and black cloak. You will also need a pair of black harem pants and black combat boots. Sylvie has a short blonde wavy hairstyle that you can replicate using a premade wig. You could also cut and style any existing blond wig you might have. To finish it all off, you can wear Sylvie’s horn crown and arm yourself with her sword. Finally, protect your hands using her fingerless gloves. 

Let your cosplay to the next level, and invite your friend to dress like Loki, Sheriff Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear. Then, you can keep the Toy Story theme going for Halloween or your next cosplay event. You surely stand out as an iconic group costume.

sylvie loki costume

About Sylvie Lokisdottir from Loki

Sylvie Lokisdottir is a variant of Loki, the Trickster God. She does not like to be called Loki, so she gives herself her own name. The Time Variance Authority tracks her down after she kills the Minutemen that are following her. Just before she is able to execute her plan, she is caught by yet another Loki variant that she is then stranded with on Lamentis-1. 

Sylvie was born on Asgard in a different reality from the real Loki. She finds out that she is adopted at a young age, which is different from Loki Laufeyson’s experience. She is playing with toys one day when Minutemen, along with Hunter Ravonnna Renslayer, appear and put her under arrest. After dragging her away, they destroy her parents and her entire reality on Asgard.

Sylvie Loki Makeup Tutorial | Cosplay and Halloween Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Sylvie?

1. “The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos.”

2. “Just because I have to work with you doesn’t mean I wanna hear your voice.”

3. “I was pruned before you even existed. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life.”

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