Last-Minute Susamaru Costume Idea

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  1. Susamaru Costume
  2. Black Sleeveless Tank
  3. Susamaru Wig
  4. Red Flip Flop
  5. Body Tattoo Marker
  6. Iron Wire Flower

Easy DIY Susamaru Cosplay Guide

The Demon Susamaru, along with Yahaba, was one of the main antagonists of the Asakusa Arc of the Demon Slayer series. She aspired to join the Twelve Kizuki one day. While she was only there for the Asakusa Arc, Susamaru has become a memorable Demon.

To dress like Susamaru, get started with a Susamaru Costume, which includes her Kimono, sash, and Cloak with all the correct patterns. Next, procure a Black Sleeveless Tank Top. Follow up with a Red Flip-Flops. Moving on, purchase a Susamaru Cosplay Wig. Get a matching set of Iron Wire flowers or tamaris featuring Blue and Yellow patterns. You’ll also need a Black Body Tattoo Marker to draw on her Demon Markings.

About Susamaru From Demon Slayer

She was shown to be quite playful yet reckless and immature at the same time. Always seen smiling, she seemed to enjoy challenges a lot more than your average Demon. Her catchphrase, “What fun this is, “was constantly repeated in her battle against the Kamado Siblings. Her immaturity contrasts a lot with Yahaba’s seriousness.

She could throw or kick Temaris with such intense speed and power that they annihilated limbs upon contact. Her Blood Demon Art, Hiasobi Temari, allowed her to conjure Temari handballs at will. In conjunction with Yahaba’s Blood Demon Art, her lethality and effectiveness increased further.

Susamaru was shown to be fanatically loyal to Muzan. To this end, she gave her all in the battle to kill the Nezuko and Tanjiro, even taking Tamayo hostage.

In her last moments, we discover she was only a young woman. Muzan had persuaded us that she might become a Twelve Kizuki. She even called out to Tanjiro to play Temari with her, as she died brutally in the end.

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