Last-Minute Sucrose Costume Idea

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  1. Sucrose Full Costume
  2. Sucrose Wig and Glasses Prop
  3. Sucrose Cosplay Boots

Easy DIY Sucrose Costume Guide

Sucrose is a breezy hit among modern cosplayers who enjoy playing Genshin Impact. Sucrose is a character who has been in the game since 1.0, dishing out great utility with her Anemo Vision. She uses a catalyst as her weapon of choice, which goes hand in hand with her alchemical experiments. She is an alchemical genius specializing in bio-alchemy while also serving as Albedo’s assistant, the head alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. This girl spends her days experimenting day in and day out in Mondstadt. She is a person of insatiable curiosity about the world and everything in it. One of her main lines of work involves transforming living things with the power of alchemy.

To dress like Sucrose, wear a Full Sucrose Costume and Sucrose cosplay boots. Wear a Sucrose cosplay wig and black glasses.

About Sucrose From Genshin Impact

Sucrose is a girl who loves experimenting and spends most of her time researching bio-alchemy, determined to discover the secrets of life. Due to this lifestyle, Sucrose is more of an introverted recluse. She even has trouble talking with others, worrying a lot about unintentionally offending them.

Sucrose is very timid and easily frightened, especially when faced with people of imposing status. This does not apply to Albedo, though, whom she highly reveres and considers a proper gentleman but still takes an overly formal approach when communicating with him.

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