Spider-Man Noir Costume:  The Entire Cool Detective Vibe


The Spider-Man Noir costume is the perfect attire for all Spider-Man fans who want to spice it up. Are you looking for something unique that can make you stand out but still be well-known from the rest? Well, a Spider-Man Noir costume is sure to fit your taste. Spider-Man Noir is the alternate form of Spider-Man, which appears in the style of New York City during the Great Depression. He is a member of the Marvel Noir realm and is a noir-themed twist on the protagonist.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red UltraTurtleneck Sweater
  2. Leather Vest
  3. Double Breasted Overcoat
  4. Black Trousers
  5. Wool Felt Hat
  6. Hood Mask
  7. Vintage Goggles
  8. Leather Gloves
  9. Tactical Boots
  10. Toy Pistol
  11. Military Belt

DIY Spider-Man Noir Costume Guide

If you’re interested in following through with this look, we’re here to give you everything you need. Take note that the Spider-Man Noir costume’s whole aesthetic is the color black, so all things needed would have to be this color. 

Start off the top with a Wool Felt Hat and Hood Mask with Vintage Goggles to maintain the entire cool detective vibe of Spider-man Noir. Then, you can wear a Turtleneck Sweater with Leather Vest underneath the Double Breasted Overcoat. For the bottom, you will need Black Trousers and Tactical Boots. For the fighting portion of the whole cosplay, this is where the Leather Gloves, Toy Pistol, and Military Belt are necessary.

Spider-Man Noir Cosplay Costume

The Spider-Man Noir costume is composed of all black. It shows its difference from the original Spider-man, consisting of red and blue. The suit is composed of a standard WWI tunic paired with a vest. It comes with a face disguise, headpiece, some aviator glasses, as well as a pistol sheath that can hold a revolver.

Items like gloves, mask, goggles, and hat are essential to ensuring your identity stays hidden while looking fantastic, like in the franchise. While the costume can look a little hot once worn, it does give off that cool vibe. A type of vibe that lets onlookers know who exactly your character is. This costume can keep your identity hidden and make you play the part of the protagonist who’s sick of the injustices in the city.

spider-man noir costume

About Spider-Man Noir From Into the Spider-Verse

Sony’s Spider-Man World is a linked world and multimedia brand part of a series of hero movies made by Columbia Pictures. It is also a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment. The films are based on several Marvel Comics properties linked with the superhero Spider-Man. If you’re new to this side of the Spider-Man universe, well, Spider-Man Noir, as mentioned, is Spiderman’s alternate.

He is a youthful troublemaker enraged by the Great Depression’s inequalities. His rage equals his sincere desire to show that The Goblin and his cronies have killed uncle Ben. Peter is motivated by the ideals and principles ingrained in him by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. They think that if those in authority can’t be relied on, the people must oust them. This concludes our blog about Spider-Man Noir. We hope we’ve gained your interest in cosplaying the unique alternate of the famous spider protagonist.

Spider-Man Noir Clip

What is the most famous quote from Spider-Man Noir?

1. “We don’t pick the ballroom. We just dance”

2. “Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something, anything.”

3. “Spider-Man always gets up.”

4. “Experience has taught me never to trust a policeman. Just when you think one’s all right, they turn corrupt. Alright, Agent. I’m going to trust you, but don’t go proving me right.”

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