Spawn: Hellspawn with a Heart of Gold

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The main character of the Spawn comic books published by Image Comics and other media, Spawn is a superhero with a dark side and a heart of gold. He is a tall, imposing figure. Spawn was formerly known as Al Simmons, a U.S. Marine, Secret Service agent, and Hellraiser.

You’ll Need:

  1. Spawn Costume inspired Hoodie
  2. Red Cloak
  3. Black Trousers
  4. Spawn Mask
  5. Chain Prop
  6. Studded Red Leather Wristband
  7. Black Cosplay Boot
  8. Black Gloves

DIY Spawn Costume Guide

Spawn is recognizable because of his billowing red cape, black suit, terrifying mask, and the skull insignia on the front of his suit. Choosing to wear a Spawn costume is a bold choice. It is a memorable costume that will surely intimidate anybody who sees you wearing it (in a good way).

To dress up as Spawn, you will need the following: a Spawn Mask, Spawn Costume inspired Hoodie, Red Cloak, Black Trousers, Black Cosplay Boot, Black Gloves, Chain Prop, and Studded Red Leather Wristband.

Spawn Cosplay Costume

To make Spawn’s head, you will need a black mask. You can get a mask covering your entire head or one covering your face (but make sure the rest of your head will be covered by a bodysuit). You can use silver or white paint to make markings on the mask like Spawn’s mask does. 

You can choose between a plain black bodysuit or a plain black top and pants as the base of Spawn’s body. Use silver or white paint to paint the details on your torso. Complete Spawn’s body by putting on a large, billowing red cape. It would be better if the cape were long enough to cover your whole body and then some—it’s more intimidating that way. On your feet, wear black boots.

A Spawn costume isn’t complete without its accessories. You’ll need to carry around some extra chains to complete the look. And there you go! Now, you look as awesome as Spawn does.

spawn costume

About Spawn

Spawn is an antihero and the main character of the Spawn comic books, films, animated series, and video games. He was once Albert “Al” Simmons, a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, the Secret Service, and eventually the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Al Simmons was burned to death and sent to Hell by the CIA. He then made a deal with the devil Malebolgia, agreeing to be reborn as a Hellspawn to return to his wife. 

After his rebirth, Al Simmons decides to go by Spawn. He discovers that five years have passed since his death, and the people in his human life have moved on. He uses as little of his powers as possible because he knows that he will be returned to Hell if he uses up the Necroplasm that fuels them. Spawn decides to fight evil and dedicates his life to justice.

Spawn Scene | Cosplay & Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Spawn?

1. “Give my regards to your boss. Tell him he’s next.”

2. “You sent me to Hell. I’m here to return the favor.”

3. “Oh, a“Where you’re going, every day is Halloween.”

4. “Every time someone farts, a demon gets his wings.”

5. “Aren’t there any normal people left on Earth, or is everybody just back from hell?”

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