Last-Minute Snake Plissken Costume Idea

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  1. Black Tank Top
  2. Brown Leather Jacket
  3. Brown Wig
  4. Military Camo Pants
  5. Toy Pistol
  6. Swat Belt
  7. Gun Holster
  8. Eye Patch
  9. Military Tactical Work Boots

Easy DIY Snake Plissken Costume Guide

Snake Plissken is a fictional character portrayed by Kurt Russell, serving as the main character in Escape from New York. Snake Plissken was a former United States Army Special Forces lieutenant and was recognized for bravery with two Purple Hearts. Snake’s military service took a dark turn when he believed he was betrayed by the U.S. government during a mission in Leningrad, resulting in the loss of his left eye. This event, along with the death of his parents in a failed hostage rescue attempt by the police, led Snake to abandon the military and turn to a life of crime.

To dress like Snake Plissken, you will need a black sleeveless tank top underneath a brown leather jacket. For the bottom, wear camo pants and combat boots. Then, strap a tactical belt, gun holster, and eye patch to make it very clear who you are dressing as. To pull the entire look together, get a fake submachine gun to carry around with you.

About Snake Plissken From Escape from New York

Snake was arrested in 1997 for breaking into the U.S. Federal Reserve and sentenced to life in New York. The leader of the prisoners captures the President, the “Duke of New York,” after Air Force One crashes into Manhattan. Commissioner Bob Hauk offers Snake a full pardon to retrieve the President and the essential technical information he carries. He is tasked with rescuing the President of the United States.

If Snake Plissken succeeds in his mission, he will receive a pardon from the President for the ex-con’s crimes. If he fails, then there are explosives in his body that will be detonated. With the help of allies like Brain, Maggie, and Cabby, Snake successfully rescues the President. But he was unimpressed by the President’s lack of remorse for the lives sacrificed to save him. In a defiant act, Snake deliberately destroys the critical information tape.

He is an intense and fierce character that is brave and bold. Snake Plissken stops at nothing to succeed at his mission because his life does depend on it.

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