Last-Minute Shy Guy Costume Idea

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  1. Red Hooded Sweatshirt
  2. Shy Guy Mask
  3. Blue Scrub Pants
  4. Brown Belt
  5. Blue Slip-On Shoes

Easy DIY Shy Guy Costume Guide

Shy Guys are recurring and iconic enemies seen in many of the Mario games, starting with Super Mario Bros. 2. While there are several variations of Shy Guys found across games, there are also various subspecies. During the Super Mario Brothers: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach Animated movie, our good ol’ Mario describes them as shy and cute berries from a tree. Their cute and berry-like appearance gives the impression that they’re harmless, but every Shy Guy is deadly upon contact with players!

To dress like Shy Guys, you will need an oversized, loose-fitting, and long Red Hoodie. Follow up with Blue Loose-fit Scrub Pants and Blue Vans Shoes to go with it. Then, grab a Black Military Web Belt with a Golden Yellow Buckle to go around your waist. Finally, it would help if you acquired the signature Shy Guy Mask to adorn your face.

About Shy Guy From The Super Mario franchise

Shy Guys are enemies typically led by leaders like Bowser and General Guy. Contact with them is detrimental to players, but they can be defeated by swallowing, jumping, grabbing, and throwing.

They wear different robes and shoes as a vivid indication of that specific Shy Guy’s behavior in-game. They have their basic movements, but the subspecies like Snifit and Bandit portray different behaviors. For example, red Shy Guys tend to walk off ledges but turn around when they encounter an obstacle, while blue Shy Guys turn 180 degrees near the ledge or obstacles.

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