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Easy DIY Shanks Cosplay Guide

Shanks is a beloved character central to the Japanese manga and anime series One Piece. Renowned as “Red-Haired,” Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Four Emperors who rule over the New World. He had sailed with the infamous Roger Pirates since he was an infant, beginning his pirate career on their ship as an apprentice alongside Buggy before forming his Crew after Roger’s death. He stands out among the other characters, always portrayed as kind and playful, but this lighthearted personality sometimes manifests as immaturity. We can find him out on the open seas, drinking and throwing parties with his Crew most of the time.

To dress like Shanks, wear a Shanks costume and sandals. Then wear a Shanks red wig, add facial hair with a cosmetic beard pen, and stick scar tattoo stickers on your face. Finally, wear a sword as your weapon.

About Shanks From One Piece

Shanks was born in the West Blue and found as a one-year-old by the Roger Pirates at God Valley. Growing up in a town producing wine, he became an apprentice in the Crew at 9. Wearing Roger’s straw hat, he formed a close bond with fellow apprentice Buggy and encountered various challenges alongside the crew. During their journey, Shanks befriended Kozuki Oden. He, Toki, and Buggy were left behind when the Crew went to Zou and Laugh Tale. Afterward, Roger disbanded the Crew secretly a year before his death.

Shanks formed the Red Hair Pirates, recruiting Yasopp, Beckman, and Lucky Roux into his Crew. He would progressively encounter Ace and even celebrate Luffy‘s bounty. He then became one of the Four EmperorLuffy’slashed with Blackbeard. After he meets Luffy in Foosha Village, he also marks the protagonist’s destined journey! Moreover, he stopped the protesters from interfering with Whitebeard’s battle and later intervened at Marineford Whitebeard’s. Through it all, he maintained a deep connection with Luffy, acknowledging his growth, and shared a mysterious conversation with the Five Elders in Mary Geoise.

Honestly, One Piece wouldn’t be what it is without Shanks, as his influence is unparalleled. His personality, actions, and strength make him such a solid father figure that Luffy very much needed. Thus, he is one of my favorite characters in the series!

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