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The Scuba Steve costume is taken from the movie Big Daddy. It is a character that the film’s star, Adam Sandler, dresses as. 

Scuba Steve is a character in a fictional children’s franchise in the movie Big Daddy. Adam Sandler’s character uses a toy action figure to communicate with the child he is currently watching in an easier way. 

When the kid needs motivation, he dresses up like Scuba Steve to inspire him.

You’ll Need:

  1. Scuba Steve Costume
  2. Yellow Beanie
  3. Yellow Rubber Gloves
  4. Black Safety Goggles
  5. Yellow Snorkeling Fins

DIY Scuba Steve Costume Guide

This is an iconic wetsuit costume from Big Daddy.

The colorful Scuba Steve costume begins with a pair of red pants and a matching red long-sleeved shirt. This, paired with a cut-up yellow shirt, will serve as the Scuba Steve wetsuit. 

On your feet, you can wear a pair of yellow swimming fin slippers. A pair of matching yellow gloves will pull the look together. Finish that off with a matching yellow beanie
Finally, put some black goggles over your eyes and carry with you an empty water tank to complete the whole look.

Scuba Steve Costume In Quarantine | Halloween Costume Ideas

Scuba Steve Cosplay Costume

The Scuba Steve is a vibrant and colorful costume for those who like to stand out. It is sure to be a delightful costume to see for those who were growing up when Big Daddy aired. 

This costume is a great choice for anyone who likes Adam Sandler movies, as it references one of his most iconic roles. 

You also can form a group costume with the theme of Big Daddy. Invite your friends to dress up as Julian, Homeless Guy, Sonny Koufax, Nazo, Mr. Herlihy, and Layla Maloney, and go to the party with you to get much fun.

Scuba Steve Costume

About Scuba Steve 

Scuba Steve is a persona that the main character in Big Daddy takes on once. He is a character in a fictional children’s franchise that the boy Adam character is tasked to watch likes. 

The action figure and cosplay versions are used to communicate with and encourage the child
Although this role appeared briefly on screen, he impressed the audience with his hilarious appearances.

What is the most famous quote from Scuba Steve?

1. “Everyone’s so busy with their crap lately, no one ever comes.”

2. “Have a good sleep there, Corrine. Pleasant hooters!”

3. “My God, that’s a shitload of piss.”

4. “Don’t worry about me making money. I’m in love with a woman who makes plenty of it. She’ll be my sugar mamma.”

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