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A Sans costume is perfect for lovers of the indie game, Undertale. He is one of the main characters in the role-playing game series.

In this game, he is one of many monsters living under planet Earth’s surface. It is set during a time after the monsters lost a war against humankind.

Sans has a brother who also appears in the game. He is known by the name Papyrus. The two can often be seen together.

When they are together, Papyrus is often scolding Sans for being lazy. Sans is considered very laid back compared to his brother, but both are indeed hard workers.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Sans Blue Jacket
  3. Sans Mask
  4. Black Shorts
  5. Sans Plush Doll
  6. Pink Slippers
  7. Skeleton Gloves Stockings Set

DIY Sans Cosplay Guide

As one of the major characters in the franchise, Sans is quite popular. Many fans like him for his easy-going personality and cute look

While his personality makes him rather numb to most things in the world around him, he can be serious occasionally.

To dress like Sans, you will need a blue jacket with a zip up front. It should also have a furry hood.

Beneath the jacket, you’ll just need to wear a plain white tee. Wear a pair of skeleton leggings with simple black track pants and pink slippers.

To complete the look, get a pair of gloves with skeleton details. You can also paint your face to look like a skull or get a Sans prop mask to wear instead.

Sans Cosplay Costume

Sans dresses in a fairly simple outfit that reflects his laid-back personality. It is possible you already have some of the pieces in your wardrobe.

After deciding to dress as Sans, you can ask a friend to dress as his brother, Papyrus, for a fun friend cosplay.

The two of you walking around together are sure to get the attention of those who are familiar with the games. These costumes are perfect to wear at conventions, Halloween parties, and beyond.

Sans Cosplay

About Sans

Sans is a character from the role-playing game, Undertale. Undertale is an indie game that is set in underground Earth. The characters are monsters who were forced underground after losing a war with humankind.

Here, players meet many memorable characters. Sans is one of the recurring ones that characters interact with quite a bit.

Sans is often seen with his brother, Papyrus. Papyrus is much more serious than Sans and is usually getting on his case for being lazy.

Though Sans has a personality that makes him seem apathetic to the world’s goings-on, he can be severe and focused when it counts.

Sans Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Sans?

1. “It’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming… on days like these, kids like you… SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.”

2. “The memory of someone who once wanted to do the right thing. Someone who, in another time, might have even been… a friend?”

3. “Welp. Sorry, old lady, this is why I never make promises.”

4. “Our reports showed a massive anomaly in the time-space continuum. Timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting…Until suddenly, everything ends.”

5. “All this fighting is really tiring me out. And if you keep pushing me. . . Then I’ll be forced to use my special attack. Yeah, my special attack sound familiar? Well, get ready, cause after the next move, I am going to use it. So, if you don’t wanna see it, now would be a good time to die.”

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