Last-Minute Salt Bae Costume Idea

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  1. White Undershirt
  2. Vintage Round Sunglasses
  3. Black Beard
  4. Black Pants
  5. Black Watch
  6. Black Belt
  7. Sea Salt
  8. Black Shoes

Easy DIY Salt Bae Costume Guide

Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, became famous for his flamboyant way of seasoning meat in his restaurant, Nusr-Et. His style and personality have quickly made him a popular meme that has captured the hearts of millions. People worldwide imitated his iconic move of sprinkling salt on his forearms and flesh.

To dress like Salt Bae, you will need an undershirt or white tee with a U-shaped neckline. Pair that with black pants and black shoes. Then, add black sunglasses, a belt, and a watch to add a touch of fashion to your overall look. The costume would only be complete with the salt. So you must carry around sea salt to represent the “salt-sprinkling.” Finish the whole look with a black beard, and now you are ready to become a trending gourmet chef.

About Salt Bae

Saltbar is a Turkish chef and restaurateur. His exaggerated way of spreading salt, bouncing it off his forearms and onto his flesh, went viral on social media. People were fascinated by his unique and excessive technique. Since then, he has become a cultural icon, with millions of followers on social media.

He owns several famous restaurants around the world. He even provided meals for celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and DJ Khaled.

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