Runa Yomozuki: Quirky Student Council Member


Runa Yomozuki is the main character in the anime Kakegurui. In the show, she is a member of the student council and the election committee at the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Runa Yomozuki can just as commonly be seen working closely with the president and managing problems that come up. She is always cracking jokes or making off-the-wall remarks about whatever situation she is in at any time.

You’ll Need:

  1. Runa Yomozuki Orange Hoodie
  2. Runa Yomozuki JK Sailor Dress
  3. Long Straight Blonde Wig
  4. Uniform Dress Shoes
  5. Over Knee High Stockings Socks

DIY Runa Yomozuki Costume Guide

If you are a fan of Runa Yomozuki and want to dress like her, keep reading. Below, we offer a quick guide on how to put together a Runa Yomozuki costume for yourself. 

Because her most defining piece of apparel is her jacket, you should secure one before anything else. She wears an orange hoodie with zip-up closure. It has long black bunny ears on either side of the hood. 

Beneath the hoodie, you can expect to be wearing a typical schoolgirl uniform. Begin with a white button short shirt and a gray pleated houndstooth skirt. Atop all this, she has a red blazer with black trim. Instead of typical stockings, she wears a pair of black and white striped thigh-high socks. On her feet is a pair of brown slip-on shoes. To finish the look, you will need a long blonde wig matching hers.

Runa Yomozuki Cosplay Costume

She is quite small in stature, which makes her look a lot younger than many of the other students at the school. She is commonly seen eating a lollipop, which has become a rather defining characteristic of her appearance. Because of her cute appearance and quirky nature, Runa Yomozuki is one of the series’ most memorable and liked characters.  

She also dresses a bit differently from the others in the school. Runa Yomozuki is seen wearing a vibrant orange zip-up hoodie over her school uniform. The hoodie has two rabbit ears hanging down from the hood. Furthermore, she wears black and white striped stockings beneath her skirt. Her unique style of dress indicates a personality just as one of a kind.

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Runa Yomozuki costume

About Runa Yomozuki from Kakegurui

Runa Yomozuki is a quirky character in the anime series, Kakegurui, which revolves around the story of Hyakkaou Private Academy. This school is different from other schools in that there is a class system. This school, with the student council as the apex, is governed by “gambling .”If you win, you are in heaven; if you lose, you are in hell. It is a crazy school where the strong are envied, and the weak are abused. 

In this series, Runa Yomozuki is a part of the election committee for the Hyakkaou Private Academy. She also takes on the important role of referee for the election games. She stands out from the other students for more than just her quirky personality and off-the-wall comments.

Runa Yomozuki Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Runa Yomozuki?

1. “As they say, the less you know, the better you sleep.”

2. “But you know, every time things look like they’re gonna go well, there’s definitely always trouble moving in the background.”