Last-minute Rui Costume Idea

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  1. Rui Costume
  2. Rui Wig
  3. White Scarf
  4. Red Lip Liner
  5. White Body Paint

Easy DIY Rui Cosplay Guide

The Demon Rui was the primary antagonist of the Mount Natagumo Arc in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, regarded as the Lower Rank Five. He was the leader of the Demon Spider Family based in Mount Natagumo. He built this family because he desired familial bonds and members who fulfilled their roles.

To dress like Rui, get started with a Rui Costume. Next, procure a Rui Cosplay Wig. Also, grab a White Scarf in the process. Moving on, get some White Body Paint to mimic his ashen complexion. Finally, you’ll also need Red Lip Liner to draw on his Demon Markings.

About Rui From Demon Slayer

While he only appeared during the Mount Natagumo Arc, Rui has long since become a memorable Demon. His Blood Demon Art, Thread Manipulation, allowed him to create thin threads indiscernible from string from his flesh and manipulate them however he wished. This technique killed many Demon Slayers.

Rui was portrayed as a quasi-calm, aloof, and polite being. He rarely raised his voice when talking to people, be they demons or Demon slayers. His low and guttural speaking hinted at his repressed anger and annoyance. He possessed great power as well but remained authoritarian and cruel throughout.

It was revealed that Rui was very disturbed and desired a close family above all else. But his method of obtaining one was incredibly twisted and founded on the members’ fear of him, leading him to a tragic and lonely demise.

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